Currently | October

DRINKING | Stumptown Coffee again!! Jon got a shipment for his birthday – pssst, it was from me! Totally unselfish gift, of course! Haha, I am glad that he’s always happy to share with me! – and we’ve been enjoying our morning cups of “Hair Bender” over the weekend. It’s so, so good. Oh, and also…

LOVING | the new mug that came with it. Seems like just the right replacement for my beloved “Thinking Cup”-mug that I accidentally broke last week.

EATING | sourdough Greek yogurt blueberry crumble muffins for Jon’s birthday. I am telling you, it’s worth starting a sourdough starter just to have sourdough discard to use up in baked goods. The texture of these muffins was somewhere between a scone and a muffin, a little chewier, not quite as soft. They were so delicious.

READING | Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout. It’s the first fiction book I’ve read in a while, and it’s a nice change of pace.

APPRECIATING | the week of (use or lose) staycation that I was able to take last week. I hadn’t really planned to take any more time off this year (before Christmas), but I am for sure not wasting any earned vacation time if I can help it. I didn’t really “do” much, it’s not like we could really plan anything or go anywhere, but I was able to sleep in a little, get some outdoor runs in, I took my (road) bike for a ride, and also took a few naps here and there. Glorious.

WATCHING | Hocus Pocus! It’s Halloween time – what else do you expect me to watch?

LOOKING FORWARD TO | the holiday season. Although I know it’ll be sneaking up on me again (as it somehow always does) and I am not sure yet how we’re going to spend the holidays (probably by ourselves, I am guessing), I feel like it’s always a special time of the year.

ENJOYING | these extra-warm fall days while they last. It’s not normal for Northern California to have temperatures up into the 90’s and no rain at all by the end of October, but since we can’t do much about it, I am embracing the late-summer feeling for a little longer.

(still) WEARING | shorts and t-shirts.

FEELING | a little anxious regarding the upcoming election. Just me? I want to be hopeful, I am hopeful that things will turn out alright, but man, I was thinking the same thing 4 years ago and you all know what happened.  But I am…

EXCITED | to hear that so many people have already voted early, including us!

BUYING | a new microwave. Ours finally bit the dust. I contemplated for a minute if it was worth trying to repair it, but I honestly think it was about 10 years old and I was not sure I should be meddling with electric appliances (and getting it repaired would probably have cost as much as a new one). I did the right thing, right?

STOKED | to participate – or should I say keep carrying the torch? – for NaBloPMo again, starting next week. It’ll be my 15th year. Call me committed. Who’s joining me?

What is currently going on with you?

  1. I love your new mug as much as you do! ;)
    But still a devoted Jakobs Krönung drinker here.

    1. Oh, where do you get Jakobs Krönung? Can you buy the beans? The ground coffee won’t work with my Chemex (it’s too finely ground).

      1. We have a German Deli that sells the whole beans and Amazon as well.

  2. Yay for a relaxing week off! That sounds fab, especially the naps. Ahh.

    I am even more anxious about the election after yesterday and the SCOTUS confirmation :(

    I keep mentioning to family that we may not come for xmas (one state over) due to COVID-19 and they are really not getting it. I understand it’s not being portrayed as seriously in Iowa (where they are) as it is here in Illinois but every time I mention that, they’re shocked. Sigh. LOL. But I will still enjoy the season, even if it’s just us two (it was last year, and we had a couple and their son come over. Ha, haven’t seen those folks since March…)

    1. I love naps. I don’t take them often, but when I do, they’re lovely! :)

      It’s so hard to accept that so many people are not as careful regarding Covid as we are. Honestly, I am almost “glad” our families are so far away that we can’t just “drive over there”… you know?

  3. Yay for voting early. I’ll be going next Tuesday. I really hope that the outcomes are good – we need change, GOOD change, and I’m definitely nervous. I have to keep hoping though!!

    I’m glad you had a nice staycation – definitely no use to waste earned vacay time, even if you can’t go anywhere.


    1. Yes, yes, yes, we need GOOD change. Finally.

  4. Glad you got to have a staycation and didn’t lose any vacation leave. Enjoy the warm weather – it is warming up here after what feels like a very long and cold winter!
    Lovely gift you gave Jon – and I agree that is a completely unselfish present :) Glad you can both enjoy it.

    1. I think gifts that a couple can enjoy together are the best gifts :)

  5. A gift that both of you can enjoy is a good gift! Pre-covid, we would go out to dinner to celebrate birthdays and that was a win/win for both people in the couple! I have never had Stumptown coffee. I will have to buy some!

    I’m anxious about the election, too. I just deactivated my facebook profile. I just need a break from political content – even when it’s content I agree with. It just triggers my anxiety which is not good. I”m planning to take November off from IG, too. That’s usually my happy place but there is also alot of political commentary there, too, and I just don’t need more prompts to think about this election!

    1. That is absolutely true. Jon and I usually always do something together for our birthdays instead of buying gifts.

      I commend you for getting off of FB and IG around election time. I swear, the election anxiety has been causing my heartburn, and I can’t wait for all of this to be over (but only if the outcome is good! ha!)

  6. I can’t think about the outcome of the election too much or else it gives me so much anxiety. I can’t believe we’ll know what the future of our country will look like so soon! It’s terrifying. (I’m trying to remain hopeful, but it’s hard. I’m so scared.)

    On happier news, I’m glad you took a staycation! Those “use or lose” days can be so nice. I’m glad you did that for yourself!

    1. The next week will definitely be interesting and I agree who would have thought someone like him could become president. I hope, pray and keep all thumps crossed that it will turn out good.

      And i will join you next month for NaBloPoMo even though I already know I will struggle as I am rather busy. But trying is better than not giving it a go.

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