Recipe | Skirt Steak Stir-Fry

I don’t know about you, but I love a good stir-fry because you can pretty much adjust the meal completely to your liking. Use the meat you like, use the vegetables you like (or have left over in the fridge). There is not much you can do wrong when making a stir-fry. 

This is a recipe we’ve been going back to a few times recently because it’s a fairly quick dinner option for a busy weekday night and so delicious. You can easily prepare the rice in advance (or use frozen brown rice) and the combinations of ingredients for this dish are endless. We made it with skirt steak recently (which cooks quickly and is so flavorful when marinated), but you can also use chicken or pork, or omit the meat altogether and make this a vegetarian stir fry by just using a bunch of vegetables, as we did last weekend.


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What’s one of your go-to recipes when you want a quick dinner on the table?


  1. This looks and sounds delicious and I agree – making a stirfry can be so versatile.
    We often make them with chicken and use the ready made vegetable packs in the supermarket. Some are fresh others frozen
    and there are many to choose from.
    Thanks for sharing this – hope to try it soon.

  2. I also love stir fry. Plus it’s great as leftovers! Our favorite is a chicken cashew one (link: We’ve been using the instantpot a lot this summer, too, as it doesn’t heat up the house and things cook pretty quickly in it. Last night I used it to make a really yummy lentil soup. It’s really hot and humid out but I can eat soup year round, plus I wanted something to bring for lunches this week. It turned out so good!

  3. Oh this sounds really yummy – and it looks good too. I don’t really know the last time I had stir fry but I should look into making some. I could use more ways to get my veggies in. haha


  4. I make this often for my family- even the kids like it!

  5. San! This looks delicious! I love me a good stir fry. We had chicken and broccoli for dinner today! Always a hit. I usually make it with beef but today we went with chicken. Thats what I love about stir frys. What ever you have goes in and its always delicious!

  6. Oooh, I love a good stir fry and haven’t made one in ages. Thanks for the reminder—I love how versatile this dish is (and truthfully it’s one of those foolproof dinners m, which is why I like to make them!).

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