Thinking Out Loud #22

+ This month has just been getting away from me. Anybody else feel this way? I mean, I literally blink and another month is gone and there is so much I want to do and there is always so little time. Argh. I don’t like feeling this way.

+ I am in a little bit of a blogging rut right now (can you tell?). It’s not that I don’t want to blog, but that except for some recurring posts, I don’t know what to write about.

+ Well, tbh, I have lots of things on my mind right now that I could write about, but I am either not ready to talk about them or haven’t had time to actually put anything down on (digital) paper.

+ Do you sell clothing at consignment stores sometimes? I sat at a Crossroads Trading Co. for 1,5 hours last weekend to get rid off some clothing, and then this guy went through my bag and didn’t accept a single item. This is not the first time it happened and the ‘excuses’ are so ridiculous (“not in style”, “not in good enough condition”, “we’re not taking stuff from Target, Old Navy, etc.”), especially if I see some of basically the same clothing on their shelves/hangers (and yes, from brands like Target and Old Navy, which only 2-3 of my items where from, BTW). I really only take the stuff to a consignment store that is in near perfect condition (everything else goes straight to Goodwill), but I had really, really bad luck at this consignment store and I think I won’t go back there. What do you do with your dispensable clothing items? Is Ebay still a thing people do? I haven’t had much luck with Poshmark.

+ We’re currently obsessed with Jack’s Urban Eats right now. It’s a Northern California local chain restaurant, self-describing as “jack’s  [/jax/ noun] 1. An urban cafeteria, serving award winning, farm fresh, affordable meals in a hip and laidback atmosphere”. Their food is absolutely delicious and tell me where else you can get a huge (build-your-own) salad for $8.50 ($11.50-$12 with meat) these days? (Pictured above.) They also have fantastic sandwiches.

+ This week I’ve been thinking a lot about our budget. I like crunching numbers and I enjoy the budgeting process, but it can also be frustrating if you’re trying to set priorities and numbers don’t add up the way you’d like. Good thing is that this month I get a third paycheck. Is anybody else on a bi-weekly pay schedule like me? I used to get paid bi-monthly before I switched employers and I thought I wouldn’t like the bi-weekly pay schedule, but I must say, I am actually happy about it now. It’s easy to trick your brain into thinking it’s extra money (which, of course, it really is not. I wish).

+  I’ve switched out my coffee mug at work and I swear coffee tastes better out of a new mug. I don’t care what you think.

I am linking up with Amanda from Running with Spoons for Thinking out Loud again.

  1. That salad looks delicious!! Yum! I love big salads. I’m buying my lunches for my first couple of weeks back at work and I’ve been mostly buying salads. They are not cheap! But right now I need to cut myself some slack while I adjust to our new routine.

    What’s on my mind is how to streamline things like meal planning to make it easier to get fast, delicious, healthy meals on the table. Our weeknights just feel so short! I’m going to try prepdish for a couple of weeks to see if that will help. It’s a meal planning service where they send you a shopping list, prep-work instructions, and recipes. So you do a couple of hours of prep work on the weekend and then dinners come together really easily. I’m hoping this works for us!

  2. First, the salad looks awesome!
    I went through a real Blog Rut last year. I had so many other things going on, and I was literally blocked as far as blogging ideas went. This year, not so much.
    As you mentioned, the time is flying by this year. My life has been so full and busy and sometimes I wish I had a moment or two where I could sit down and time would stop, just so I could catch my breath!
    I gave up doing the consignment thing. I donate to St. Vincent DePaul and get a receipt each time, and use it during tax season. Although, who knows now? Still, I will donate because the sales from this shop support their homeless project and soup kitchen and many of the clothes actually go to clothe the homeless.
    My budget just flew out the window now that we had to have an entirely new heating system installed. I’d been saving for an entirely different thing (way more fun) but that is now a distant dream. When you live in New Hampshire, you must have a good heating system!
    I switch mugs regularly here at home. My Oma mug makes the best tea!

  3. I was getting paid biweekly and now that the status of my job has changed I’ll be back to bimonthly. I like biweekly mostly because of those two months were you get two paychecks, but I was often annoyed when the first of the month (when all my bills are due) came in between pay periods. I’d still have the money, but it just made budgeting a little annoying.

  4. I get paid biweekly and I am so happy for this three-paycheck month. It’s going to do wonders for getting my credit card balance down – my “secret” goal is to cut it in half, if I can.

    July flew by in a FLASH for me. I have no idea where this month went or even what I did, haha.

  5. I think there is something to the mug thing. I prefer my coffee from particular mugs. I thought it was just me!

    I’ve also given up on consignment to sell my clothes and Poshmark and Ebay are just too much work. While I rarely buy or sell clothes these days I sell through local Facebook buy and sell groups.

    That salad looks amazing.

  6. Oh, do I hear you about the blog rut! Although I feel like I’ve been in one for years. My creative process is what gets me. I end up questioning what I’ve chosen to talk about. It isn’t fun.

    I get paid biweekly, too and I really look forward to those one or two months a year when I end up with an extra pay.

    Your salad looks amazingggg.

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