Thinking Out Loud #18

Another Thursday of random word vomit. I appreciate the opportunity to just put down here whatever comes to mind by linking up with Amanda from Running with Spoons for Thinking out Loud,  don’t you?

+ The Red Sox are on fire. ON FIRE. They started this baseball season of with such a bang (they just had to surrender their 9 game winning streak yesterday, but still!). I cannot wait to see what the rest of the season will bring, but I am already so glad I shelled out the money for another MLB TV subscription for this year, so we can watch all the games (oh, the joys of being a Red Sox fan on the West Coast).

+ J and I have been making a habit of it to frequent one of the coffee houses in town on the weekends more often. I am usually not one to spend money on coffee shops (I love our home-brewed coffee in our Chemex), but I do like having some couple rituals and going out for a walk and cup of coffee on the weekends seems worth the expense. What small couple rituals do you maintain regularly?

+ First, WordPress decided to send me just the occasional comment email notification, one person’s comments always had to be repeatedly approved (even though I had approved previous comments from that person), and now WP has decided to not send me any comment notifications at all anymore. Are you on WordPress? Does this happen to you, too?  (If I don’t respond or have overlooked comments, especially on older posts, I apologize.)

+ As I mentioned, I started a new knitting project (who’s surprised?) with this beautiful gradient yarn. Pretty obsessed right now. I try to get a few rows in every evening. It’s such a soothing activity.

+  I am currently obsessed with this tortellini soup. We’ve been making it weekly lately and I am not sure when we’re going to stop. It’s  super-easy and quick to make and so full of flavor. It also packs some serious protein and veggies (and I lightened up the original recipe a bit). What’s not to love? Do you find new meals that you keep making over and over again?

+ Yesterday would have been my great-aunt’s 96th Birthday. We lost her 5 years ago. It’s normal that I still get the urge to call her on her birthday, even after 5 years, right?? And that I felt devastated when I couldn’t. Ah, grief. You’re so reliable to always keep showing up.

+ Today is my Friday and I am so ready for the weekend. That’s all.

  1. My WP comments have never really worked right with email. I always have to log into my dashboard to see what’s there. Tortellini soup sounds delicious, especially when it’s not really spring like by me! I’ll take all the soup!!

    1. I don’t know what’s up with WordPress. I think the problem is the constant updates that put plugins out of whack.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your aunt’s passing, and even though it’s been five years, grief is such a fickle fiend.

    I don’t watch baseball, but yay for your team doing well!! :)

    Ooh that yarn is beautiful. I can’t wait to see the final project!


    1. Thank you. I still miss my aunt so much.

  3. Hi San! I can imagine your grief must feel. I still miss my grandmothers a lot. It’s the normal circle of life, but that doesn’t mean it’s not painful. I send you a virtual hug!
    Will try the tortellini soup for sure. Keep up the couple rituals, they’re so important.
    I don’t watch baseball at all, sorry, but I’m definitely not happy with the Warriors right now, urgh!
    Have you already been skiing with your family? Have a great weekend!

    1. You must have missed it, I didn’t go on my trip to Germany. Huge bummer.

      Missing grandparents and great-aunts/uncles is definitely part of the circle of life, but nevertheless painful… it seems like the older we get, the more people we miss.

  4. Oh, WordPress. You can always count on it to do something silly for no apparent reason. I haven’t been having trouble with my comments, thankfully, but it’s happened in the past. Hopefully it fixes itself soon!

    Grief is such a fickle thing. <3 Thinking of you!

    1. I love WP for so many reason, but it is acting silly sometimes.

      Also, thank you. I know you can relate to the grief of missing loved ones.

  5. It’s weird to think it’s baseball season because I look out the window and it looks like the dead of winter. :( They canceled 3 Twins games this past week due to all the snow and cold weather we’ve had. Allegedly it’s going to be 60F next Monday. We have about 2′ of snow on the ground so I will believe it when I see it.

    I love your ritual of checking out coffee shops, especially since you can walk to some. The only rituals we have are to go for a run together about once a week in our neighborhood. We haven’t done that in a long time, though, as I stopped running last July when I had complications from pregnancy. But hopefully we can resume that ritual later this summer when I get back to running!

    1. I am sure you’ll be setting up a whole new set of rituals with baby Paul :)

  6. I think it’s almost not soup season anymore and I’m a little sad about that. This is the first year I’ve made good on my intention to make big pots of soups to sustain me for multiple days at a time and it’s been so easy and also delicious and now I need a summer solution, which I guess is salad? That just seems not as fun or as easy though.

    And the comments! GRRR! Fingers crossed it’s fixed now!

    1. I am so sad that soup season is almost over, so I am trying to get all the soups and stew cooked while I can :) (but who am I kidding, there are a couple of soups I will also eat in the summer).

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