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Oops, I disappeared there for a second … ahm… about a week. Not sure what happened, but I am taking the opportunity again to link up with Amanda from Running with Spoons for Thinking out Loud to get my blogging schedule back on track.

+ If you can spare any good vibes and positive thoughts tomorrow for my Mom’s second kidney surgery (the last one was a year ago), it would be very, very much appreciated. I am a little anxious over here (as always when things happen to my loved ones on the other side of the world) and just hope that everything goes well.

+ I am happy to report that I solved my hair dilemma that I mentioned last time. I bought some hair color at Target the other week and dyed my hair back to my regular color (which is like a dark chocolate brown) and it worked out quite nice. No more red hair for me (and probably no trim for a while either).

+   I’ve mentioned on Twitter that I am currently dealing with a major pet peeve at the gym. There are these three women (that I’ve seen doing this), who come into the locker room after their workouts and spread out their toiletries in front of the (limited) mirror spots BEFORE they get in the shower and get dressed and as a result, block the mirrors for everybody else who is (already showered and dressed) trying to get ready to go to work in the morning. It drives me batshit crazy.

I watched this for a few weeks (and didn’t say anything because I was always able to get in front of a mirror when I needed to and ‘why should I be the person who picks a fight?’), but last week I felt the obligation to call one of them out. Someone had moved that one lady’s stuff over to the side, so that she could use the mirror (while the lady was still getting dressed) and she came over and was all snippy about it. So, I stepped in and told her that she can’t put her stuff down and block the mirror if she’s not yet ready to use it. She said that she was in the shower and I said ‘Yeah, and we’re already dressed, trying to dry our hair and put our makeup on so we can go to work!”. The other girl was backing me up and I felt really good about speaking up … cautiously hoping that she (and the other two offenders, who kinda witnessed the situation) had learned their lesson. But then the next day, they reverted back to doing the same thing. What is wrong with people? It’s so inconsiderate and rude. Or, do you think that I am overreacting? What would you have done?

+ If you follow me on Instagram, you know already that I had my first fall ever last weekend during my long run. I tripped over my own feet (or a bump on the sidewalk, who knows?) and  landed flat on my face on the pavement. It was bound to happen, right? I mean, every runner falls at some point (please tell me that is true!). I wouldn’t particularly recommend it though. I was pretty lucky to walk away with just a scraped elbow. A badly scraped elbow, that is, but honestly, it could have been a lot worse. I even finished my 12 mile-run.

+ I think I need to bake something this weekend. I mean, something sweet. A pound cake or muffins or something. I don’t crave that stuff very often, but when I do? Man, do I want it RIGHT NOW. Maybe I’ll do some chocolate chip oat cookies. I think I saw a promising recipe somewhere recently. Gotta check my Pocket

What’s a random thought on your mind today?

  1. You are definitely not overreacting about the mirror hogs. That is a serious pet peeve of mine, and it happens at my gym too. There are also some bench hogs who instead of putting their gym bags in a locker while they workout put them on a bench, so then no one who is actually getting dressed can use the bench to set things down.

    I got into it with a lady one day when I moved her bag, set it on the ground and she got all mad saying I have no right to touch her things. I politely told her if her bag was in a locker like it should be then I wouldn’t have to move it.

    I think you’re definitely in the right here. My overall pet peeve in this is that obviously these people think they’re more important than the rest of the folks who may need a mirror. REALLY? You’re that full of yourself that you think this is okay? Step down a notch folks, you’re just like the rest of us.

    1. Thanks so much. It makes me feel much better that you feel the same about other people’s perceived entitlement! And although I wish you didn’t have to deal with it, I am relieved it happens elsewhere (we have those bench hogs, too, btw!). Thanks for stopping by, Jessie!

  2. I don’t think you’re overreacting, that would make me angry, too. They’re trying to guarantee their spot, ignoring the fact that they’re screwing over people who are ready to use that spot right NOW. Good for you for speaking up!

    1. Thank you. I am glad you feel the same way.

  3. Those mirror hogs sounds awful. You aren’t over-reacting. That’s just plain rude. Too bad they didn’t learn their lesson from the encounter you had with them. Some people are just so rude!

    I have fallen on a couple of runs because I am accident-prone. The worst was when I fell on a run in Seattle. I fell in the first 1/3 of the run but kept going but then I got SUPER loss and did not have my cell phone on me (I used to not run with my phone). So trying to get people to help me when I was bleeding and looked like a hot mess was NOT GOOD. I got so lost that I ended up having to take a $15 cab ride back to my hotel. It’s funny now but at the time i totally cried in the cab (plus I ran out of water on the run).

    What’s on my mind today is the HH with friends tonight after work. We are going to one of my favorite local restaurants. They serve arepas which is a corn-based flat biscuit (hard to describe). They are soooo good. I used to work with these 2 girls and we keep in touch through a trading instant messenger ap but we don’t see each other very often so it will be good to catch up face to face tonight!

    1. Oh no, I am sorry to hear that you’ve fallen on runs before… and one time it was while you’re traveling. I totally understand why you cried in the cab… there were many different things coming together (falling, getting lost, running out of water) and you must have been so relieved when you were finally back on the way to the hotel.

      I hope you had a great HH with your ex-co-workers. That’s so fun that you keep in touch and meet up every once in a while!

  4. I’ve fallen a handful of times, two of them with my running group (the only one to fall, too). I’m incredibly clumsy and ungraceful so I’ve learned to just laugh it off and poke fun at myself. Last time I fell, I banged up my knees pretty badly but didn’t feel anything (high pain tolerance) and my running mates had to point out the blood gushing down my legs. My knees looked a lot worse than they felt for several weeks.

    1. Oh my! You didn’t even feel the blood running down your legs? You must have a very high pain tolerance… haha… but I know what you mean, I kinda got up after the run, kept running and THEN kinda looked down to check on the damage LOL

  5. Good for you for speaking up ! I just don’t get why people are so rude and selfish……

    Ha, I have fallen on a run but let’s be clear…. I don’t really run, I just jog and I still manage to eat pavement :)

    Random thoughts on my mind?
    – OMG – I’m buying a house!
    – Yeah – I’m flying to Napa for a Bachelorette Party tomorrow!
    – OMG – I better get it together ’cause the dress for the wedding barely zips, at the moment……

    1. People are so rude! I can’t even stand it sometimes… I am glad I got myself to say something (and I will do it again if necessary!).

      Oh no, you have fallen too? I knew I couldn’t have been the only one.

      I am so excited for you about the HOUSE and the bachelorette party in Napa (COME VISIT ME!).

  6. 1 – You are definitely not in the wrong about the mirror situation. They’re just being selfish. Chances are they had a day or two where they couldn’t get a mirror and got annoyed, so they started doing this and ever since it’s been all about them. It’s not right and people need to learn to just deal with it and share. Also, gym locker rooms need more spaces like this so we can all just get ready with ease.

    2 – All runners fall! I have tripped and fallen on my face a few times. In fact, I was running around Seattle on a work trip last year (my company owns a condo there so I wasn’t staying in a hotel with a gym) and I went out for an early morning jog before heading into the office. It was still pretty dark out so I was bobbing back and forth across the street to avoid any homeless people or anyone I thought could be sketchy (safety first). Thankfully I was only about 1/4-1/2 mile away while on my way back to the condo and I tripped and fell right on my face. There were a few people around so I was embarrassed, though also shocked when no one came to see if I was okay. Thankfully, I was. haha

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Katie and for your support regarding the locker room situation. I am glad people feel the same way as me… and you’re right, the locker room should just have more mirror spaces!

      Oh my god, I can’t believe you fell on a run and people didn’t ask if you were ok! Where they just standing around? I am so glad you were ok.

  7. Sending you positive vibes for your Mama. My family suffers from a long history of PCKD so I know how you feel. xxoo
    Your hair looks awesome!!

    1. Thank you so much. I just heard from my Dad and the surgery went ok! Now they’re waiting for the pathology report of whatever they took out.

  8. Sending positive vibes for your mom’s surgery! I’ll keep her in my thoughts. And no, you are not overreacting to the mirror situation. Be proud of yourself for speaking up!

    1. Thank you so much for the positive vibes. As far as I know, the surgery was a success, now they have to wait for the pathology report.

  9. I definitely know how you’re feeling about being far away from your family and I’m sending good vibes towards your mom!
    And no, you are not overreacting with the mirror girls. This is totally rude. Some people just think they own the world and are so inconsiderate of their environment. Terrible. But good for you that you spoke your mind, I can’t believe they kept doing it. You should talk to the management of the gym, they could post a sign or send out an email about that.
    And I did fell hard last year running on our first day being in Kauai, ouch! There were lots of tree roots who had lifted the pavement and I was just thinking “Oh, you better not trip” and the next moment I did and I had major road rash on knee and shoulder, in fact I still have a pretty bad scar on my right shoulder. Besides, I was pretty mad that I ruined my bikini appearance, lol! You are not alone!
    I love this kind of post, writing something else today, but will try to join next week.
    Your hair looks great!
    Happy Thursday, thanks for thinking out loud.

    1. Thanks for the good vibes. So far, everything went well with my Mom’s surgery! It’s hard to be so far away from family (as you know!)

      I am so glad you feel the same way about the gym situation. Makes me feel much better to know that I am not alone who’s annoyed by rude people.I was thinking of bringing it up with the staff but what are they going to do?

      Oh damn, so you fell on a run too? On vacation! That’s very unfortunate for the bikini appearance, I agree ;)

  10. Positive thoughts for your mom!!! My mom had a kidney transplant, so I know how nerve-wracking those things can be.

    And no, you’re not overreacting about those ladies. They just, for some reason, feel entitled to do what they want. People should just keep moving their stuff.

    1. Thank you so much, Lauren. I appreciate the good vibes!

      You can bet that I will keep moving those gym ladies’ stuff, if they keep hogging the mirror spots!

  11. Oh no, you are NOT overreacting to those mirror hogs at the gym. I can’t believe they do that, but good on you for calling them out! I would hope I would do the same, but conflict terrifies me, haha.

    I’ve fallen on runs! And sprained my ankle. Ha. So just be grateful you only got scratched up!

    Your last point reminded me that I wanted to bake something this weekend. Yay!

    1. Thank you, Stephany, I am so glad that you – and so many others – feel me on the gym situation. I guess I have to keep speaking up!

      Oh damn, you sprained your ankle during a fall? That’s awful. I definitely take the scraped elbow instead!

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