Monthly favorites | May

1. I had these Wheat Thins Toasted Chips Veggie for the first time on my flight to D.C. last weekend (Southwest is stepping up their snack-game!) and they are delicious! I am definitely going to look for them on my next shopping trip!

2. Strawberries – need I say more?

3.  When it comes to ice-cream, I like it plain and simple. Chocolate chip is my favorite flavor and I also don’t need fancy brands, this Safeway Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream tastes so good!

4.  I had been looking for some sling-back sandals for a while and when I came across these Gold Pigeon sandals and saw the reviews, I picked them over the (much more expensive) Tevas. I love them.

5.  I rarely have the need to use taxis, but I’ve been using the Lyft app on my recent trips and I very much love the convenience of it. My cousin introduced me to it during their visit last year. Are you a Lyft (or Uber) user?

6.   My friend Terra mentioned that she had been using packing cubes in one of her travel posts a couple of months ago and it made me wonder why I had never thought of buying some myself. So I bought myself a set of these Gonex Packing cubes, and  let’s just say, they’ve been a great investment. They make it so easy to organize your stuff in your suitcase.

7.  I am not a huge user of nail polish. I like the idea of nail polish, but I am not very good at applying it myself (I know, I know, skill comes with practice) and I often don’t take the time, but I’ve been loving the subtle color of this  Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel (color: allure) that I rediscovered in my bathroom cabinet this month.

What was one of your favorite things this month?

  1. I loooove my packing cubes – going to use them again this weekend :)

    1. I hope you had a great trip!

  2. Coffee. Ha! Only half kidding.

    I do love me some fresh farmer’s market strawberries. SO GOOD. I’m also super looking forward to getting my little guy into the pool and at the end of the summer the beach. I’m huge water lover and hope that he’ll be the same!

    1. I could put coffee on my favorites’ list EVERY MONTH :P

  3. I need to do my nails – it’s been awhile since they’ve been painted. I tend to have someone paint mine though because my hands shake a lot. LOL

    I’m always seeing packing cubes and I have got to get some! Maybe before my trip this November.


    1. Go get some of the packing cubes! They’re awesome!

  4. Well, my favorite thing this month is the Scallops in New England. There were several big sales on fresh Sea Scallops and I bought about 8 pounds of them. I carefully froze a lot of them for meals over the summer. Since I am back at weight watchers I will be eating a lot of fish!

    1. Oh, scallops! Good call! I haven’t had seafood in ages.

  5. I love all of your favorite things, San! Strawberries this time of year are so delicious, aren’t they?? And I just purchased a pair of shoes that are knock-off Birkenstocks and SO friggin comfortable—I am so happy to have found them! Will look for those crackers and trying Lyft for the first time tomorrow (have used Uber previously). My friend and I are going to a bridal shower and decided it would be more convenient to have a ride rather than schlep all of our gifts, while wearing dresses, in 90 degree humidity :) some things are worth the splurge!

    Hope you have a great weekend, my sweet friend!

    1. I have two pairs of Birkenstocks and they’re my FAVORITE! :)
      How was your Lyft experience?

  6. I’ve been using Uber, instead of Lyft because I had some gift cards for Uber. Most drivers tend to work for both services, so I just pick the more economical at the time of pick-up. :)

    1. I had a free Lyft credit, that’s why I used Lyft more than Uber, but I don’t really prefer one over the other.

  7. I very, very rarely use Lyft, but I’ve loved all my experiences with them. I had to use Uber when I was in Puerto Rico, but they’re actually not technically allowed to operate there, so they had to pick us up in weird locations (like across the street from our hotel). Haha.

    1. I know, in Germany they don’t allow Lyft/Uber either…. I guess I understand why ,but it’s so convenient. Maybe the Taxi companies should get on board.

  8. I’m so glad you like the packing cubes! They’ve definitely been a game-changer for me and I love them so, so much!

    1. Absolute game-changer. I knew I would like them, but I didn’t know I would LOVE them ;)

  9. I used packing cubes for the first time on this trip, & I found them SO helpful! I hate Uber on principle, but I use Lyft often. I live about two miles from downtown Cleveland, where parking is expensive & traffic is confusing, & a Lyft costs about the same as it would cost me to park there – without the hassle of doing it myself.

    1. Do you hate Uber because of the controversies (in the media) or other reason? I have first used Lyft and now I ‘prefer’ it over Uber but can’t explain why.

  10. I usually use Uber. I love it. I never take cabs anymore. I much prefer Uber or Lyft. I don’t use them much these days but I used them a lot when I was traveling for work.

    My new love lately is cashew milk ice cream. I don’t care for most dairy free ice creams but this one is awesome!!

    1. I really love the convenience of scheduling pick-ups through the Lyft app. It’s so easy.

  11. I love my packing cubes. They were such a gamechanger for me!

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