Currently | May

eating granola with yogurt and fresh fruit. So good.

drinking Nuun before and after my workouts, and sometimes just because. What’s your favorite flavor?

watching Red Sox baseball. (Almost) all day, (almost) every day.

loving the coverage of the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. I didn’t think I really cared, but when I turned on the TV on Saturday afternoon and saw the replay of earlier that morning, I couldn’t peel myself away from the screen. It was kinda nice to be distracted from all the other (mostly horrible) news that is running on repeat on TV. I mean, if this kiss doesn’t melt your jaded heart then I don’t know what will.

excited that I am almost finished with my knitting project and ready to start something new! 

working on getting my blog compliant with the GDPR guidelines. If you haven’t looked into this, NOW might be a good time. The General Data Protection Regulation comes fully into force on May, 25th. That’s this Friday!  

playing around with my blog design, in case you haven’t noticed. I am still using the same theme, but I’ve been playing around with some elements. Not sure if this is the final version (it is for now), but let me know if I broke something and something isn’t working correctly). 

going to Washington, D.C. next weekend for the wedding I mentioned earlier this month. I am so excited.

reading Educated by Tara Westover. 

looking forward to the FIFA World Cup in June. Will you be watching? I can’t believe that the US failed to qualify,  but neither did Italy and the Netherlands. Gasp.

What’s up with you currently?

  1. Blog layout looks good to me! I am now craving yogurt with fresh fruit and granola, that sounds so good. I do that for breakfast a lot in the summer. I agree that the Royal Wedding was such a nice break from the horrible news in our country lately. And she was STUNNING in that dress!!

  2. I watched a couple clips from the wedding. I just could not imagine being a 36 year old woman and giving up my career and independence to go be part of the royal family. I mean, I guess it would be cool to not ever have to worry about money again but still, I would miss my whole life! I think if I fell in love with a prince I would make him leave the royal family to be with ME. ;)

  3. I definitely need to get caught up on this GDPR stuff. I have been flagging ALL of the emails I have been getting almost every day about it but have yet to actually break it down and figure out what I need to do…eep!

  4. Have so much fun in D.C., my other favorite city!

  5. ugh, the GDPR stuff is one thing i’ve seen everywhere but haven’t done anything about yet.

  6. I didn’t know I was into watching the royal wedding until I turned it on. It was a breath of fresh air to see something so nice on TV rather than all the negative news.

  7. I’m trying to get everything figured out with the GDPR stuff, but man, some of this is really confusing! I haven’t watched too much of the Royal Wedding stuff, but I’ve seen various photos/read some stuff and it’s just adorable. Definitely some happy news among mostly bad.


  8. I can’t even begin to explain why I was so enamored with the royal wedding, but I was/am. It’s sitting on my DVR and I can’t wait to rewatch it and watch it and just, aw. The details, the everything. Love them.

  9. That yogurt looks so good! I have to admit, I did not watch the royal wedding, but have loved seeing all the positive things said about the happy couple and the photos! She was a beautiful bride! Hate that there were so many negative comments though :-( Blog is looking good. I am itching to do a total blog makeover but I’m too indecisive and can’t choose which way I want to go! LOL . Have a great week!!

  10. Love the picture of the yogurt! I hate yogurt, but that looks so good I almost want some. haha

  11. I found the Royal wedding to be really cute!! Like you said, the world seems to be a dumpster fire, and this weeding offered us a moment of distraction. I loved her dress, her veil, all of it! I don’t want any of it for myself, but enjoyed watching all of it.

    It seems everybody is reading Educated. … am i missing out on anything?

  12. Yogurt, fresh fruit, and granola is my new favorite breakfast combo. So delicious and so filling!

  13. I enjoyed the royal wedding coverage, too. We have been watching The Crown so I have a better understanding of who Queen Elizabeth is and all she has been through!

    So I must live under a rock these days because I don’t even know what GDPR is!

  14. I will definitely watch the World Cup this year—Germany has been playing so well over the past few years, and I always love to see them in action. Also is Schweinnsteiger still on the team? I just love to say his name Lolol.

    I got sucked into the Royal wedding coverage too: I didn’t think I would be, but it makes me think of when my mom woke me to watch Princess Diana’s wedding, and there’s something so elegant and beautiful about all of it. Also, yes. I’d love a healthy distraction from all the other crap in the news lately

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, my sweet! Xoxo

  15. I really loved the royal wedding coverage! I didn’t think I cared about it, but it was all so magical and sweet.

  16. I am so not ready or into the World Cup this time around. It’s strange I am usually having all games marked out and a schedule set up so I can watch as many games as possible. However this time it is somewhat weird. I am sure it will catch up once its on its way though.

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