9: Thinking Out Loud #11

I am linking up with Amanda from Running with Spoons for Thinking out Loud.

+ One year ago, that horrible excuse of a man got elected as our president. I can still recall feeling physically sick to my stomach when that became apparent (I was so upset that I actually took a mental health day the next day). I have learned to function again, but no, I haven’t gotten used to the circus he’s created. I cringe every time he opens his mouth and the ridiculousness that comes out of it. Don’t you also feel sometimes like you’re watching a movie? That this can’t be real life? How did we go from Obama to this?

+ I am having a four-day weekend ahead of me and I couldn’t be more excited. We get tomorrow off for Veteran’s Day, but since this is my regular day off (RDO), I get to take the 8 hours off on Monday. Woot.

+ I am seriously considering a Bullet Journal for 2018. I have been a loyal Inkwell Press Planner user for the last three years and the new coil-free planner (which lies flat for easy writing) looks really nice, but something about the bullet journal is speaking to me. However, I am bit intimidated by ‘setting it up’ all by myself. I’ve bookmarked quite a few websites with how-tos and general inspiration. Have you used a bullet journal? Give me your thoughts (and show me your layouts)!

+ Tea all the life-long day. That’s all.

+ Instagram really is my favorite social media platform, but the Instagram algorithm is honestly driving me bonkers. I am following a few people who are doing #onedayhh posts today and the posts all show up in the wrong order. When will you fix this mess, @instagram?

+ I had a really f**ked up dream a couple of nights ago. I dreamed about my grandma. This is very random, because a) I hadn’t really thought about her in the last few days and b) my grandma died when I was 6 years old.  In my dream though, she hadn’t died, but it turned out that she and my grandpa had separated (I don’t remember why) and she had lived a separate life somewhere else  for decades. I mean, WHAT? I was heartbroken and angry about it and rembember screaming and crying in my dream. I woke up so emotionally drained. Anyone want to try some “dream interpretation” on that one? I am so confused. Why would I dream something like that? She would have never done that, she was so dedicated to our family.

What’s a random thought on your mind today?


  1. Trump is just horrible. But what horrifies me more is that millions of people voted for him. That is freaking scary.

    Enjoy your super long weekend!!!

    1. So very true. I have a couple of friends who voted for him and I am like “who are you????” .

  2. Did you see the CMA’s yesterday? I loved Carrie and Brad’s performs, take a look if you haven’t seen it!
    Why? Why is he still there…. so many people seem to be on “our side” but he is still there……. Somebody, do something, N.O.W. …… P.L.E.A.S.E.!!!
    I can’t come up with anything on your dream. seems like a weird random one……

    1. I know right? I keep waiting for someone to do something about it.

  3. Oh gosh, it’s awful that he’s the president, and as it’s already been stated, I agree that it’s terrifying that so many people did vote for him. People I know too and I’m constantly thinking “if you STILL support this wack, I don’t understand you at all.” It’s just…awful. It’s been one horrible, horrible year and something needs to change.

    I keep thinking of doing a bullet journal but maybe just for one aspect of my life? I still like a regular planner. I’m actually doing a planner hop in December (post on the blog – a few down) if you want to see ideas!


    1. It’s so hard to relate to people who voted for him… especially if it’s people who you call your friends. It’s like I don’t even know you.

  4. Hey San,
    Even I get annoyed by this circus clown you have over there and I even refuse to watch the news because it just makes me angry or depressed.

    As for the bullet journal. For the last two years I kinda did a mix. I got myself some planner where there is enough space to set up individually as i wanted to track some habits.
    It’s a lot of work and I kinda fell out of it two months ago. I can sent you som photos via email if you.

    Happy long weekend

    1. I know, German news follow up closely with our circus here LOL… my parents keep telling me about it constantly.

      I figure the bullet journal will be a lot of work, that’s why I am hesitant, but I like that it’s so customizable.

  5. Ugh. I can still remember how I felt when I woke up around 3 AM and nervously refreshed CNN.com to see Trump’s face on my screen. It was the worst feeling I’ve experienced in such a long time. Heartbreak for Hillary losing and disgust for the fact that he was going to be president. It’s still so sickening to me. I can’t believe it’s been a year already.

    1. I can’t believe it’s been a year… besides all the circus, I guess we’re lucky he hasn’t been able to do too much damage (legislatively) yet and that some people at least seem to be ‘waking up’.

  6. I share all your feelings about DT you have. And I also feel like we’re all just in a bad movie and tomorrow someone will say “Sorry, just a bad joke from Putin. Now back to sanity.” Did you do #onedayhh? I just saw the first post with this hashtag this afternoon. Weird. If I would have know before, I’d have tried to join. And if you ever move back to Germany, I want to meet you before! ;-) Now enjoy your long weekend!

    1. I did not do #onedayhh, but some of my friends did. Maybe next time ;)
      I know we should get together sometime!

  7. I can’t believe it’s been a year since that buffoon was elected. Sometimes it feels like it wasn’t that long ago but most of the time I’m like – it’s only been a year?? I still am hoping that he gets impeached or just quits. I can’t stand him. I literally can not listen to him speaking – it’s like nails on the chalk board for me.

    I got a bullet journal in the spring and I LOVE it. I was an Erin Condren person before but I have fallen in love with bullet journaling. I just keep my layouts very simple. I am not the least bit artsy and I do not have pretty handwriting. So it’s not pretty at all, but it works so well for me. I really like being able to bring it to my doctor appointments and have one place to take all my notes! I have been meaning to do a bullet journal post for awhile so maybe I will actually sit down and do that this weekend!

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