Our Christmas

I know, I know, here we are in 2018 already and I am talking about Christmas. Who wants to talk about a Christmas that is over a week old now?

Well, I do. Because I have written a Christmas recap every year for years and if nothing else, this will be a post just for me to remind me of our Christmas 2017. Feel free to skip this entry.

To be honest: our Christmas was not what I thought it would be.

I was looking forward to a long holiday weekend, I had planned to watch a ton of holiday movies, to set our table, to cook a delicious three-course meal on Christmas Eve and then spent Christmas Day at our friend Susi’s house with her and her family.

But then I caught a bad cold (or it probably was the flu, come to think of it) the week before Christmas and was bedridden for most of the holiday weekend. I never get sick! At least, not like that. Not quite what I had in mind for the holidays. I might or might not have moped around quite a bit because if we weren’t traveling to spend Christmas with family, I had hoped to at least enjoy the heck out of the holiday weekend.

I wanted to go for runs, read, eat good food and focus on the positive things of being “home” for the holidays. Instead, I pretty much slept for four days straight and then it took me another 4 days to feel like an actual human being again.

J caught whatever I had from me a couple of days later and so we were both not in the best constitution over the holidays, but were still trying to make the best of it.

I ended up cooking a one-pan spätzle dish for Christmas Eve (and we had leftovers for Christmas Day), which basically was the only physical activity I could muster and which cost me all my non-existent energy, but it was delicious and the first time we actually had – and could taste – real food in days! By then, I knew we were slowly on the upswing.

I did get to open a few boxes that were sent from friends and I really enjoyed all the Christmas cards that we received in the mail this year. Honestly, Christmas mail is my favorite thing!

(Quite a few cards arrived after the holidays, so if you don’t see your card in this picture, it doesn’t mean I didn’t get it!)

Silver lining of being sick over the holidays: I lost 3 lbs instead of gaining any. (Not that I was trying to lose weight or was worried of gaining some. Just stating a fact here.)

I hope your holiday weekend was more exciting than ours and that you were able to unplug (from social media) and connect with family and friends. Thanks for being – in one way or another – part of our holidays. I always appreciate how many people think of us every year!

  1. Based on how you describe how you felt, I would say you had for sure the flu, ! I’ve heard from several people that caught it over last few weeks….. So Glad you both are feeling better!!!
    I’m very sorry your Christmas wasn’t anything expected – I’m sure the next one is going to be way better!

  2. Oh wow!! it really sucks that you were sick for the Holiday! I hope you are feeling better.

  3. Oh man! I’m so sorry to hear your holiday was so sickness filled. Onto a hopefully healthier 2018!!

  4. Sorry to hear that both you and J were sick over Christmas. I also got sick the weekend of Christmas so it put a damper on the holiday for sure. Phil’s mom also wasn’t feeling well so I think we were all just trying to muster through and make the most it. We stayed at her house for 2 nights and I could not wait to leave and get back to our house because when you aren’t feeling well, you just want the comforts of your own home! Unfortunately I’m still not feeling well as this cough just will not go away but I went to the doctor yesterday and got an inhaler and some pm cough syrup so hopefully I feel better soon! I guess when you are pregnant it takes twice as long to get over things since your immune system is suppressed, and mine is extra suppressed because of my RA and a drug I’m on to manage RA. Womp womp.

    But all that said, it was still a nice holiday. The baby definitely got more gifts than Phil and I combined! ;) But it’s the first grandchild for Phil’s mom and there hasn’t been a new baby in my family in 4 years so our families are extra extra excited about the birth of a new baby! The best part of my Christmas was going to Phil’s cousin’s house on Christmas Eve. They did a special toast for us (w/ n/a champagne for me of course) to celebrate the arrival of a new Segner and everyone went around and guessed the sex and suggested a name. All but 2 guessed boy, which is my guess as well!

  5. Oh my I am so sorry you and J were so sick over the holidays. It is sad when holidays don’t live up to expectations especially for the reason of being sick. How are you feeling now?

  6. Well, that’s not a fun way to spend the Christmas holiday at all! I’m sorry you AND J got sick over the holiday. But it sounds like you were able to make the most of it as best you guys could. <3

  7. Ugh! You poor thing! I’m so glad you’re both feeling better now and I hope that that’s it for winter time ailments. I feel like everyone has some sort of terrible bug lately and I’m hoping like hell I can avoid it this year.

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