22: Currently | November

reminding YOU that you have a little time left to sign up for the Secret Santa Mug Swap 2017. If you want to particiapte, sign up here by the end of tomorrow!

watching Friends again on Netflix, I am currently back in Season 1.

eating all the soups and stews. I just love this time of year, because I have an excuse to cook warm and filling stews. This turkey meatball and kale stew is one of my favorites.

drinking hot tea most days. I am one of those weird people who prefer hot over cold drinks and I drink tea all fall and winter long (after my morning coffee, of course).

rememebering that November, 22nd was the day I officially “immigrated” to the United States in 2006. There is some random piece of trivia for you.

reading Everything, everything by Nicola Yoon.

working on some more crafty things. Some of my items in my Etsy shop will be on sale this weekend, so you might want to check it out.

enjoying the cooler weather and first rain here in Northern California. While we won’t get snow or freezing temperatures for the holidays, I love that we have a resemblance of seasons up here. Thanksgiving and Christmas wouldn’t be the same if it was warm outside.

thinking a lot about all the sexual harrassment claims that have been coming out and what that means for us as a society.  I don’t think I know any women who hasn’t experienced sexual harrassment in one form or another and it’s kind of sad to think that this is part of our reality.

loving my new Brooks Launch4 running shoes. I wore them to the gym this week for the first time and really like them so far. They’re so pretty, too.

looking forward to the long Thanksgiving weekend. I need to get organized for the holiday season and Thanksgiving weekend is usually when I get a lot of that done.

majorly excited to see my friend Cathy from Australia again in a few short weeks! She’s celebrating her 40th birthday in the States and I get to see her. I cannot tell you how giddy I am that I don’t have to wait another decade to see her again!

What’s up with you currently?

    1. You should give it a try – it’s so easy, too.

  1. SoCal somehow didn’t get the note that Fall has arrived….. Currently, at 09:56 am, 76 degrees. Expecting a high of 88 today.

    1. That’s ridiculous ;)

  2. I hope that all the headlines about sexual harassment results in it happening less often or men realizing their are consequences for their behavior.

    I’m glad you are getting some cooler weather as I know you have long stretches of really hot weather! I’m currently loathing our cold weather, though. :( It was 14 degrees when we were waiting for the bus this morning. November has been such a cold month – definitely cold than usual! I hope this doesn’t mean that we are in for a nasty weather!

    I’m currently super excited to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family tomorrow. I get to see 4 of my 7 nieces and nephews. We are going to my brother’s tomorrow and then I’ll host everyone for dinner on Friday. Can’t wait for lots of family time! (although I feel bad saying that, knowing that you are so very far from your family!!!)

    1. You’re right, it’s good that we’re talking about sexual harrassment, but I think a lot has to happen for men (and young boys!) to understand and learn where the line is. That will take time.

      Don’t feel bad for saying that you are celebrating Thanksgiving with family, when it has to be hard for me to be so far away from mine… I am super-happy that you can see all your family for the holiday (I know they’re not all close by either).

  3. It’s crazy how many sexual harassment claims are coming out, but at the same time – and I realize this is so sad – I’m not surprised. I hope it makes people think though and realize they can’t keep getting away with it.

    That’s awesome your friend is coming to the U.S. to celebrate your birthday! I hope you have a great time.

    Happy Thanksgiving – and enjoy your long weekend.


    1. I think we have a long road ahead of us when it comes to sexual harrassment. There has to be a shift in society for things to change.

  4. I am right there with you I am loving all the soups and stews. Haven’t had too much time cooking them yet but will be spending the next week’s at home so there will be lots also all the teas! I will be stocking up this weekend and I’m hoping my favorite tea company is having a Black Friday sale.
    Happy day San!

    1. Stews and tea = perfect for this time of year! What’s your favorite tea?

      1. I would say black and green. But I just tried to order some herbal tea to have something to drink in the evenings. I really am no fan of fruit and robust teas though. What is yours?

        1. My favorite is roiboos. It’s herbal, but tastes more like black to me (without the caffeine). I don’t drink a lot of green tea, although I know it’s good for you ;)

  5. The Santa mug swap looks like so much fun! Sorry to miss it but I totally understand how expensive posting overseas can be.
    Old episodes of friends are great! I love watching old ones and laughing all over again!
    Of course now I’m sitting at my desk giggling at Ross and “his sound” :)

    1. So glad someone else can still laugh about the Friends jokes! I mean, they’re classic and timeless ;)

  6. You really can’t go wrong with Friends and stew! My nephew just turned 14 and it’s one of his favorite shows. He watches it on Netflix all the time. I love that.

    You are so right – the holidays just don’t feel right if it’s warm outside. It’s 34 here today in Pittsburgh. Yay!

    Currently I am relaxing and enjoying this lovely 4 day holiday weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to you San!

    1. That is so cool that your nephew watches Friends! It will never go out of style! :)

  7. I’m not sure if you ever shared, but where do you live in Northern CA? I know that is a personal q you may not want to answer, or if you just wanted to share county or something? I just wondered since Paul and I spent a lot of time up there this summer. :)

    1. I think I mentioned the last time when you came out to the Bay Area that I am close by – I am in Sacramento :)

  8. As much as it saddens me to see so many sexual harassment cases, there’s something empowering about women finally being able to come forward and tell their stories. For so long, we haven’t been able to tell our stories for fear of not being believed, but we’re in a new age where we can speak up and people will listen. And, hopefully this means that men will start taking greater care with their words and actions when it comes to the way they treat women. (It feels super naive and idealistic to say that, but it is my hope.)

    1. It’s so good that more women are talking about their experiences, I agree, but I think a lot has to happen for men (and young boys) to understand what’s acceptable behavior. I mean, we have a president modeling the opposite right now *sigh* I don’t understand how he’s not under investigation for sexual harrassment.

  9. I drink hot tea all the time too! In Kuwait, our building was super, super cold, so I ALWAYS had a hot cup of tea at my desk, even if it was well over 100 outside.

    1. One more thing we have in common :)

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