July Link Love


… because it was so wonderful (oops, I did mention it one more time). Highlights from the World Cup (German edition)!

I know I have a lot of readers that like to travel as much as I do… here are 24 travel tips what will change your life forever.

Are you a procrastinator? This is for you: The science behind our urge to procrastinate

The 10 most passive-aggressive things you’re doing on social media

Brittney wrote a post about Creating the perfect record keeper and I want to get on that!

Macaroon coin purses? Yes, please!

This is soooo fascinating. Multilinguals have multiple personalities.

Free reversible box tote sewing pattern.

3-minute Blueberry Mug Muffin anyone?

For my fellow crocheters. Those owls are the cutest!

Saw this link on another blog and think it’s great all-around life advice: Do the best you can, dummy!

If you’re as much of an organizer as I am, you’ll get some great inspiration with those 52 meticulous organizing tips for the OCD person in you.

A genius menu planner.

This is good advice, y’all. 5 practical, slightly-snarky-sounding, non-sparkly ways I practice self-love.

Ahm, I want a pet hedgehog, like Kyla.

Do you have problems drinking enough water? Try these suggestions to stay hydrated.

This is right up my alley: Stamping envelope decor!

Top 10 Copyright-Free Free Image Sources for Bloggers.

  1. OMG, I’m going to have to visit this post multiple times just to check out all these cool links! LOVE the coin purse too! Nice finds!!

  2. damn it, now I want a blueberry cake…

  3. You’ve got some great links here! Keeping me up way too late looking at them :-)

  4. Hedgehog . YES PLEASE :) And I need to read how to do better with the hydration. I do try. :)

  5. Like the post with the travel tips. Some great ones there!!

  6. Great links! The travel and organizing tips were very interesting and helpful! :)

  7. You’d be a great hedgehog mama, and they’re not that much work! Just sayin’…. :)

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