August Link Love

So many good links this month. Are you ready for a long list?


Around the Interwebs

Well, that’s scary. The future of fake news: don’t believe everything you read, see or hear

How to spring clean your digital clutter to protect yourself. I think I need to do this. Any time is a good time to do this, not just spring.

5 diet changes to make in your 40’s. Maybe I should look at this a bit more?

Why you feel richer or poorer than you really are. This was such a fascinating read. I’d like to hear your opinion about it.

This is seriously cool. Who remembers the time of typewriters?

Worthwhile. Trump, America’s Boy King: Golf And Television Won’t Make America Great Again

Did you know there was an Embarcadero Freeway (along the piers) in San Francisco? Me neither.

How to boost resilience in midlife.

31 ways to insult others… POLITELY. Love it.

Online dating these days seems kinda… intimidating. What if you don’t look like a celebrity?

A distraction free phone. Could you do it?

Interesting read. How social media warped my understanding of friendship.

News flash: there is no wrong way to use Instagram.

Around the blogosphere

This title is misleading, or let’s put it that way: it’s not what you think it is about.  We’re not materialistic enough.

Other people’s voices don’t diminish your own. Just remember, everyone is fighting their own battle.

The argument for sugar and carbs. Love this. When it comes to nutrition, I am a moderator and I don’t believe in cutting out complete food groups.


Easy meal planning bullet journal ideas.

Why you don’t have good handwriting and what you can do about it.

DIY Planter Wall. So cute.

30 ways to use a blank notebook. Maybe I will finally put my collection of notebooks to good use – haha!


Open Faced Tomato and Goat Cheese Sandwiches with Hot Bacon Vinaigrette. That sounds divine. Yes, please.

Garlic Shrimp in Coconut Milk, Tomatoes and Cilantro. I need to give this a try!

I love cherry jam!


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  1. I need to clean up my digital clutter…

  2. That article on our perception of wealth is interesting. I love articles like that. For my husband and I, I think we spend like we have less money than we do – meaning we intentionally live below our means. But that is because we both work in the same industry and that industry is very volatile. We live with the expectation that one or both of us will lose our jobs at some point. If we worked in a different industry, like teaching or healthcare, we wouldn’t have that assumption that one of us will be laid off. And we save knowing that one of us will likely lose a job at some point. So I guess we would fall under the ‘pessimistic’ description in that article, although we’d both argue that we are being ‘realistic’. I mean, we don’t go to work every day fearing that our jobs will be cut, but we have both lost our jobs/been close to losing our jobs (or technically, I would have if I hadn’t moved to Charlotte, or I would have if I hadn’t changed jobs 2 years ago), so we have personally experienced it and know it can and likely will happen again.

    1. I understand what you mean – if you’re working in a volatile industry (and understand a lot about finances! ;)) than you want to make sure that you’re set up in case of a layoff. That is very smart and make sense…. esp. if you have the means to build up that emergency fund!

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