October Link Love


It’s time to round up my favorite reads and links from this last month. Enjoy!

The case against equality of opportunity. First I was like “WTH?” when I read this title, then I wholeheartedly agreed with the bottom line: “The goal is a good life for all”. MUST READ.

There was this really interesting article in the New Yorker about What old age is really like.

And them my friend Marie wrote about How old is old? in response to the article. Definitely something to contemplate. I could really relate to what Marie wrote “Be it 5, 17, 28, 35, 46, 61, or 89, we remain the same, just shaped a little more by our life experiences and the knowledge we gather along the way.” Isn’t that the truth?

17 Halloween movies for the easily scared people. Hahaha, that would be me!

Why people never smiled in old photographs. Who knew!?

I think there is some good advice here: Here’s how to start running, stick to it, and not totally hate it. Also: just getting outside and moving is important, IMHO.

Pretty much sums it up: 11 things that only girls with fine hair will understand.

Healthy Greek yogurt lemon poppyseed pound cake. All my favorite things!

More deliciousness! This looks so good! Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Soup.

Fellow crocheters! Those circle-in-the-square pillows are so pretty!!


  1. Love that article on portrait pictures! I figured one of the reasons might be that people thought it captured their soul or some sort of nonsense like that. If you ever watch the movie A Million Ways to Die in the West (Seth MacFarlane), they mention how people don’t smile in photographs (it’s a pretty funny movie).

    And thanks for linking to me!

  2. That article about having fine hair: YES. People say “oh, you shouldn’t wash your hair every day,” but if I don’t it looks like a grease pit. However, it is super awesome how quickly it dries and that I don’t *need* to blow dry it.

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