March Link Love


It’s the middle of March and time for another round of links I find worthwhile. Enjoy!

Why facts don’t change our minds. This article is super-interesting and worth your time.  Also: troubling!

What’s rape anxiety? Men, take note! I am sure all women can relate. “Sometimes, if we’re walking down a dark alley alone, we worry that we might get raped. That anxiety can even happen in more low-risk situations, like if we’re walking to work in broad daylight or even when someone rolls down the window of their car to shout something about our bodies.”

How to read more books when it feels like you never have time. ← This was me and this year I was able to change things. I am on book 21 for the year.

How to keep a long-distance friendship alive. This is what I do and I am lucky to have close girlfriends around the world who are willing to do the same.

If you have kids, you want to know about the X Plan.

The age of rudeness. Let’s all try to be a little kinder, yes?

Why Germans don’t give compliments and how an American learned to deal with it. It’s true, Germans don’t throw around praise and compliments all the time, but I don’t agree that we don’t compliment at all. It’s still a noticeable difference, I guess.

The question I try to avoid as much as possible: What do you do?

Crowdfunding for medical bills shows the limits of empathy. Paul Bloom, author of Against Empathy: The Case for Rational Compassion, favors “ empathy [over] “rational compassion.” While empathy usually focuses on one individual, compassion is a bigger, broader feeling of warmth and goodwill toward the whole human family.”

Laziness isn’t why people are poor. And new iPhones aren’t why they lack healthcare. “Why do we begrudge people struggling to get by the occasional indulgence? Why do we so little value pleasure and joy? Why do we insist that if you are poor, you should also be miserable? Why do we require penitence?”

This is the coolest idea for some personalized wall art.

Aaaaaaand I have perfect color vision. BAM. The last one was hard!

Military packing secrets that will make you a better traveler.

  1. Book 21?! I need to check out that article!

  2. Love the article about Germans and compliments…..

  3. I have perfect color vision, too! Woohoo! I nearly got tripped up on the purple one (“hat”). Yay us!

  4. Oh man, that compliment article is DEAD ON for my relationship. Phil and I both come from German descent and while both have some of the tendencies from our Germanic backgrounds, his family REALLY had that approach to compliments. Words of affirmation is my love language but Phil has the hardest time giving them because he thinks words are cheap and actions are more important. So this is something we have so many discussions about. I have this one dip that I make when we go to people’s houses for parties and such and he calls it ‘Lisa’s Awesome Dip’ and he will tell everyone how good it is (or sometimes he won’t because he wants leftovers to take home!). Everyone is like – whoa, Phil called something awesome, it MUST be really good. And when that happens he says, ‘see, because I don’t give out a lot of compliments, when I do you REALLY notice.’ HA.

    That’s amazing that you are on book 21!! Way to go San!! I’m on book 20!

    1. Ha, I guess it’s true… if you don’t compliment much, if you do, it really means something… but still, it would be nice to give compliments more freely, don’t you think? ;)

      1. Oh yes. It’s something he will have to work on since words of affirmation is my love language. It’s going to take awhile for it to come more naturally though as his family is not verbal with compliments. They are all about acts of service and quality time.

  5. As always interesting links. The one about compliments made me think… I was not consciously aware but I guess there is some truth to it.
    And I can agree about the reading thing. Ever since I got my kindle I read much more as books are more accessible at all times ( in the dark).
    Happy weekend to you, Tobia

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