Link Love

I am going to introduce a new feature here on
At the end of each week, I’d like to link up to my favorite blog posts of the week that I think YOU should definitely go and check out.

The Mayonnaise Jar Experiment by Kym (Travel Babbles). If you want to read about a simple theory about what’s important in life, this is the piece to read this week.

The One With The End Of The World, Or Whatever by Drea (Caffeinate me). I definitely wouldn’t want to be the one that survives with greasy bangs either!

The Summer of 2010 Vol.3 by Kim (notcrazyunwell). I can’t emphasize enough how much this girl means to me and she’s so brave to put her story out there for everyone to read. Show her some love.

The Tide of Friendship
by Sizzle aka (SizzleSays). This is a great post about the changes of friendship over the course of one’s life.

Blog Honesty Challenge by Emmy (EmmySuh). Does it seem like every other blogger’s life is perfect, because it’s all unicorns and butterflies on other people’s blogs? This is a post you have to read.

Battlefield by Emily (Emily Jane). Beautifully written piece about fighting your own inner battles.

Learning to coat all that is Hard and Hard to Admit in my life with a thick stew of Love & Storytelling by Hannah Katy (As Simple As That).


Any blog posts that you’d like to recommend to me this week?
Happy Friday!

  1. oh thank you, sweety! :) HDAGGDL! talk. soon. today?

  2. ps: and i will be checking out the other links for sure!

  3. Ooh, such a neat idea!

  4. Wonderful new feature! Off to check out the links!!
    Happy Friday! xxx

  5. Great idea, friend. I’m off to look at the links of those who aren’t in my reader. Hope you have a great weekend! Miss you, lets talk soon.

  6. Oh this is a great idea, I love being introduced to new blogs / good reads!

    happy weekend :)

  7. Thank you so much for sharing, I didn’t read them all, but I definitely will. HAve a great weekend!

  8. Thanks for the blog love! <3

  9. Thanks for the link, Dearie! Hope you had a lovely weekend.

  10. Nice – all very different people but interesting :-)

    Can’t wait for more next week


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