19: Family Vacation Recap – Lake Tahoe, Tahoe City and the Farmers Market

On Saturday (10/8), we took a spontaneous trip up to Lake Tahoe. We had been to South Lake Tahoe before, so we decided to pay North Lake Tahoe a visit this time. The weather was gorgeous and the drive was pleasant.

IMG_7146 (1)




We made a stop at Donner Pass to enjoy the view and drove on to Tahoe City. It’s a really cute little town along the northern shore. We got something to drink near the water, walked around the marina and then along the shore.












My parents are the cutest!



We got back to Sacramento around 6 p.m. and then headed over to Davis for some Thai food. My parents both hadn’t really tried Thai food before, but I guess after they had to rectify their attitude towards sushi before, they were willing to be disabused from the misconception that they didn’t like Thai food as well. They both at least claimed that they liked everything they tried (which was Thom Ka, spring rolls, and Thai fried rice).


On Sunday (10/9), I took my Mom to the local Farmers Market. I had been wanting to go for a while and having my Mom here was the perfect excuse. We walked around, ogled all the pretty produce and bought some pretzel croissants for breakfast (have you had them? They’re delicious!).








When we got back, we had breakfast and then just hung out around the house. We hadn’t planned to go anywhere that day, because we wanted to be home for the presidential (town hall) debate in the evening. Both my parents were oddly interested in witnessing that train wreck, haha.

My Mom and I did decide to go for an afternoon walk though, because it was so nice outside…


… and we somehow ended up at Gunther’s Ice-Cream Shop (which I had wanted to visit for a while!) and I treated my Mom to a huge scoop of ice-cream! I tried the chocolate chip flavor (my favorite!) and my Mom had Mango.  It was delicious! 


We made it back home right on time for the debate and afterwards, we had a delicious Goulash-dinner with Spätzle and peas. Can you tell, I  coerced my Mom in cooking a lot of German food for us!



  1. Love the pictures! Looks like it was a wonderful trip, Tahoe is the best!

    1. Thank you! It was a great trip and yes, Tahoe is awesome! :)

  2. Tahoe looks so beautiful! It’s awesome that it’s just a day trip from where you live! The summer after 6th grade, my grandparents took a couple of us grandkids with them on their motorhome trip to California to visit my aunt and uncle in Lodi. I remember stopping in Donner Pass, but didn’t realize it was so close to Lake Tahoe!

    That German meal looks soooo good!

    1. Oh, you were very close to Tahoe then…. I hope you can go back sometime. It’s a beautiful area!

  3. Ich liebe Rosenkohl aber wusste nicht das der an so Stangen waechst, wieder was neues gelernt. Tolle Bilder, meine Mama kocht auch immer fuer uns wenn sie uns besucht. Schmeckt halt nichts so gut wie Mama’s Kueche.

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