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feeling giddy about going to the The Total Package Tour with New Kids on the Block (most excited about!), Boyz II Men (very excited about) and Paula Abdul (marginally excited about).

eating boiled potatoes with herbed yogurt dip. So good!

listening to NPR. That’s pretty much all I listen to at the moment during my 15-minute commute to work.

watching the German News shows, Tagesschau (‘Day’s Show’) and Tagesthemen (‘Issues of the day’) of the German public-service television network ARD (via YouTube). Did you know that the daily German News are only about 15-30 minutes long? The news are presented by one single host and (s)he presents the ‘issues of the day’ in a very neutral, matter-of-fact way. No emotional comments, no guests on the show that analyse, interpret, discuss or comment on the news, just the simple, known facts. I found that a refreshing contrast to the more elaborate news magazine style here in the US.

reading I’ll give you the sun by Jandy Nelson.

shaking my head about the news from ‘the orange man-child’s’ first trip abroad. I mean, could one behave any more like a bull in a china shop?

enjoying walks around the park.

working on being diligent with my cross training as part of my workout routine. Strength workouts, squads, planking. Do you crosstrain (as much as you should)?

loving my new ankle boots that I got in Germany and which I won’t be able to wear until fall – haha!

looking forward to the semi-long (for me) Memorial Day weekend. Since I am working today, I am not getting the superlong 4-day weekend that I would usually get around holiday weekends, but hey, a 3-day weekend is still a nice long weekend and the temperatures are supposed to be pleasant (the delta breeze has cooled down the valley significantly this week!).

drinking all the coffee. 

What’s going on with you in your corner of the world?


  1. NKOTB! Are you kidding me?!I would die to go! Have a blast and share all about it.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh man, the NKOTB show is coming to MN too but I’ll be out of town so I didn’t get tickets. I would die to go to that though! I hope you have a great weekend!!

  3. I swapped out NPR for The Daily podcast (NY Times)! (Though I do LOVE my “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” on NPR on Saturdays!)

  4. I’ll keep it light – I’m shaking my head about my Colorado Rockies being the best team in the National League so far! And that it’s still chilly in almost June in Carolina. And that a concert like that could happen without my love, Belinda Carlisle!

  5. A friend of mine that I work with went to the NKOTB tour and she LOVED it, so I hope you have a fantastic time. I love seeing old favorites in concerts. :)

    Ooh ankle boots! I love those. And you could totally rock them in the summer; just wear them for an indoor event.


  6. oooh, nkotb! :) this holiday weekend really snuck up on me, so we don’t have a whole lot planned.

  7. That concert is gonna be amazinggggg.

  8. The German approach to news sounds so nice. It has been nice to take a break from consuming news. Phil has still watched things on his surface but I have avoided it and mostly read headlines.

    I hope you had an excellent long weekend! Yea for more confortable weather!!

  9. NKOTB!?!?!?!



  10. Mmmmmm yummy herbed yogurt dip! Did you make it or did you get it from somewhere? Looks so tasty!

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