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10 things NOT to do when you train for a half-marathon. O-kay!

I made this mushroom paella a couple of weeks ago and it was delicious!!

Overweight people judge distances to be further than they really are. “[…] psychologists call [this] the “action-specific theory of perception”: Basically, people perceive their environments relative to their ability to act in it. So you judge distances relative to your ability to cross them.” This is super-interesting!

6 foods to eat instead of a multivitamin – I just had this discussion with my friend Silke that multivitamins and other supplements should not really be taken unless you have a diagnosed deficiency. Eat healthy instead.

My new blog friend Tara wrote about lessons learned from dancing and she’s so spot on. I want to take this even further and say that any sport can teach kids so many valuable social and life skills and that P.E. should take on a much more important role as part of a child’s education! (This clearly is a topic for a separate post and I have passionate feelings about it what with a Dad who was a P.E. teacher in high school and my own degree in Physical Education.)

Stop apologizing for being a slow runner. I’ve been told by people that I am fast (haha!), but in comparison to people who run an 8-minute mile, I feel so slow. It’s all relative, guys. You can only compete with your own self from yesterday.

Signs you’re financially stable. I think there is also a lot of “peace of mind” behind those signs. The more of those apply to you, the less worried you should be about your future.

Apologies are actions. Everyone needs to read this. I am one of those people who apologizes for everyone and everything, but a) I don’t have to apologize for something that wasn’t my fault and b) if I do have to apologize for something, the change in behavior must follow (otherwise apologies are just empty words without meaning.)

I need a grill ASAP and make these steak kebobs with chimichurri.

  1. That slow running article is a good one! In general I try to avoid making comments about my pace being slow because I know that it is very relative and when I say ‘that was a slow run’ it can feel like a slap in the face to other runners who would love to run at the pace I run at. That’s how I feel when I read a blog post by someone who is running 7-8 minute miles and says something about being slow!!!

    The financial security post is interesting, too! I can say yes to most of them but one that stands out as one I can’t say yes to is being underwater on a house. :( I could pay more down on it so I’m not underwater but now that it’s an investment property, there are tax consequences to selling it at a gain so I am intentionally not paying extra so that I will come close to breaking even when I do sell it… So at least there’s a reason behind my being able to say no to the house under water standard. On another financial note, I’m in the process of buying a car right now and it’s interesting how different this experience is compared to when I bought my first car at age 22. Back then I was so dang excited and I got the nicer model with better features and I leased it (which I think is the worst idea ever now that I’m more wise about finances!). This time around, I’m in a completely different and way more secure financial position, but I am going to buy the basic model and I’m not excited about buying a car – I just view it as a necessary evil and I know it’s a depreciating asset so I just want to buy something that is high quality and will last me for another 10-15 years!

    1. Yeah I totally agree with you on the running pace. It’s really relative… and I don’t mind being called “fast”, but I know that in comparison to others I am still slow. LOL

      That makes total sense in regards to your mortgage. There are a few financial things where it is smart to ‘carry a balance’… we decided for example to put down a little less on the house and invest some money because returns are expected to be greater than our mortgage rate.

  2. Cannot tell you how many times I’ve told family members about the whole vitamin taking thing – get your vitamins from your food! If you go to your doctor and they say you are not getting enough vitamin X,Y, and Z, THEN you supplement!

    That paella recipe looks super delicious.

    I’m definitely not financially stable, especially after reading that article!

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