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My friend Ulli, fellow German US-expat currently residing in England, is blogging again and I highly recommend you check out her new digs. This week, she wrote about the 5 love languages and it something I find highly interesting. Have you read the book?

Have you ever wondered about any of the meanings behind the smiley emojis on your phone? Here’s your answer: The 58 yellow smiley emoji, defined.

I loved this post about how to Reduce morning stress in 11 simple steps. Coincidentally, exactly two years ago I wrote a similar post about switching up my morning routine and can attest to the effectiveness of (some of) those steps.

What happens to our brains when we exercise and how it makes us happier. Everybody needs to read this.

I am sure we all know this feeling, but I definitely feel this very strongly: This is why rejection hurts (and how to cope with it).

I really loved this perspective on women, youth and “what we’re supposed to do at what time in our lives”: How I learned to stop worrying and love getting older.

Some of these are brilliant: 33 Ingeniously Designed Products You Need In Your Life.

17 things that happen when you’ve been friends with someone for, literally, ever. Do you have a person like this in your life?

I may be a highly sensitive person. 16 habits of highly sensitive people.

I am not there yet, but this article sure makes the 40’s look less scary. What you learn in your 40’s.

I could really relate to Abby’s post ‘One year later‘ about returning from a year of expat-life.

I really loved this post from Juli about what happiness is.. unfortunately, you need to be able to read in German.

And last, but not least the 9 essential habits of mentally strong people.  I aspire to be like that.

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    Also: Really eager to read the articles about the 40s you posted. Shall probably incorporate them into some posts too.

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