Currently | May


running more miles than I ever thought I would be able to.

appreciating (so much!) the quite moderate temperatures and evening breezes (it’s nice to not be in the triple digits in May already which is usually not uncommon).

eating simple German dinners: fresh bread, cheese and cold cuts.

enjoying my Real Simple subscription.

wearing my Birkenstock Gizeh Sandals like it is my job. They’re so comfortable.

reading The Life List: A Novel by Lori Nelson Spielman.

loving breakfast. Always.

working on getting this apartment overhauled. I’m anticipating the next few weekends to be busy, but I feel good about the decision to put some extra effort into this place since I made peace wit the fact that we won’t be moving for a little while.

shopping at IKEA, because it’s my happy place.

counting down the days until my family’s visit. Only 5 more weeks!

looking forward to Memorial Day weekend!

watching random episodes of Family Guy. It’s a nice way to turn your brain off for 30 minutes.

keeping in mind that nothing is black and white and it’s all about your personal attitude.

  1. That German dinner looks heavenly. Wish I could have that every night!

    Your family will be visiting around the same time I’ll be flying out to see mine! I think that’s what I equate summer with – seeing family.

  2. Are Birkenstock sandals easy on the feet? I’ve been having foot pain lately and my doctor told me not to wear my Old Navy flip flips anymore. :(

  3. That German dinner looks tasty! I especially like that it includes pickles (I LOVE pickles).

    I am glad that the weather hasn’t been too crazy hot for you guys yet. It’s been unseasonably cold here this week but today and tomorrow were/will be gorgeous! I have a shorter work day tomorrow since the market closes at 1 so I am planning to get outside to soak up some vitamin D.

  4. hurray for your family coming to visit! and german dinner looks delightful to me. i could use some cheese right this second :)

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