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reading The Ramblers by Aidan Donnelley Rowley (Aidan blogs, too.)

listening to the Budgets and Cents Podcast. I am kind of in a budgeting phase right now and the topics that are covered are informative and give me food for thought (although, to be completely honest, I am really picky when it comes to people and their voices that I can listen to for extended periods of time, and this podcast is okay to listen to, but not hugely entertaining – which, I realize, might be partly to blame on the topic, although it does interest me quite a bit.)

wearing shorts and sandals. Hooray.

working on a new knitting project. It’s slow going right now (and kind of frustrating).

enjoying the company of the girls in the knitting group I’ve been attending once a month.

watching season 7 of Sister Wives. The drama. (Still can’t stand Cody.)

eating pancakes two Sundays in a row. What’s happening? (I am usually not even a big fan of (American)  pancakes.)

celebrating our anniversary tomorrow.

looking forward to a long (anniversary) weekend. It’s going to be half-fun-half-relaxation and that’s just the way I like it.  

appreciating the opportunity to hear former president Bill Clinton speak on campus this week.

loving the time I got to spend with my friend Susi.

gobbling up the first strawberries I harvested in my backyard this week.

attempting a no-spend challenge is on my list of things to try, but it’s kind of hard when I am also…

admitting that I want to buy ALL THE THINGS right now. Sigh. Backyard furniture, a grill, a dresser,  new running gear, new shoes, books, a new mug (always a new mug!)… and I swear, I am not even materialistic.

keeping in mind that sometimes all you gotta do is stop to think and start.

  1. Happy anniversary weekend! :)

    Also – jealous of your backyard strawberries! Wish I could grow some that close!

  2. That is exciting that you got to harvest some strawberries! I just planted my garden last night (well, a friend planted it for me) – I’m excited to watch it grow!

    The Ramblers is on my TBR list – I read about it somewhere but can’t remember where now!

    Enjoy your anniversary weekend!!

  3. I hear ya on wanting to buy everything. That’s how we were when we bought our place and that’s how I am right now with the baby. It’s hard, but restraint is good (says the woman who has bought her kid a crap load of stuff already)!

    Have a wonderfully long anniversary weekend!

  4. If it helps, I honestly thought there was NO WAY I could successfully complete a no-spend challenge because I love eating out so much. Buying stuff is whatever for me, so that wasn’t a big deal, but having to eat nearly allll my meals in terrified me – haha. But I was committed and now I’m 4 days from finishing and it’s not going to be a hardship at all to do so! You can do it – I know you can!

  5. Are you making a shawl? What pattern are you using?
    I will be off to that yarn outlet next week – do you still want me to get that yarn for you if they carry the colorways you liked?
    I am trying to spend less as well, although we are in the process of sprucing things up around our house, garden-wise with a new privacy fence, a new deck and a new pavement in front of our main entrance.
    Have a wonderful weekend xxx

  6. Man I love pancakes, so good! And hurray for a knitting group and anniversaries, woo wee! xo

  7. Those tiny strawberries!!!!!

    Happy happy anniversary!


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