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crossing my fingers that HR will finally fix their mistake and make sure I get taxed as married, not single. It’s pay period 3 a.c. (after contract change) and they’re taking way more out of my paycheck than anticipated (and, of course, this kind of screw-up never works to your advantage. If I am lucky, I’ll see some of those dollars again when I do my taxes next year. Sigh.)

hoping for some rain to help with the fires that are burning around Northern California.

adjusting to the new iPhone font in iOS9. I am not really a fan of the new font yet… wish there was an option to change it.

loving the cute “but first – coffee” banner that my sweet friend and business partner made for me. I wish I had a better spot in my kitchen to display it, but maybe sometime in the future in our future home!

still rooting for the Red Sox, although they’re having a tough season this year. Gotta stay loyal though!!

wondering how many brain cells I lost last week by watching another GOP presidential debate. It’s not even just the fact that I disagree with all these puppets on virtually every single issue (I can totally respect people with different opinions), but that I feel I can’t take any of them seriously and they don’t know in the slightest what they’re talking about. The whole thing would actually be quite comical if it wasn’t for the fact that these clowns are actually running for president and one of them would – if elected – represent this country in the world. Just picture it: do you see any of them capable of doing a good job at that? I don’t.


looking forward to cooler weather. I want to cook all the soups and stews and I want to bake more again (right now it’s still pretty awful to use the stove/oven longer than absolutely necessary!).

hating that it’s now still dark outside when my alarm goes off in the morning. While I am looking forward to fall, I don’t really enjoy that the sun rises so late and sets so early.

reading City of Thieves by David Benioff for the Postal Bookclub.

(will be) doing some fieldwork the last week of this month (and hoping that the government won’t shut down again right in the middle of it… haha. Ok, not funny. At the very least this time, I’d actually be a federal employee if that happened.)

keeping in mind that ice-cream makes everything better.

  1. That is a super cute banner! I’m sorry the transition from an HR perspective hasn’t gone very well, I really hope it’s sorted soon. On a whim I made some chocolate sauce for ice cream and added some Chambord to it and OMG it was good – so yes, ice cream does make everything better and chocolate sauce makes it extra decadent!

  2. I hope that you like City of Thieves since it was my pick for the postal book club! :)

    I consider myself a Republican, or at least lean that way, and I can’t even bring myself to watch the debates because it’s just a circus and frustrates/disappoints me.

    I hope the issues with your paycheck get resolved soon! I can’t believe it’s taking this long to fix that as it’s usually such an easy fix in the HR system. How frustrating!!!

  3. Yes to ice cream making everything better! When I’m feeling sad, a bowl of ice cream makes me feel a little less sad. :)

    The GOP candidates are a joke. I actually have two coworkers who support Donald Trump. And these are smart coworkers that I really like! I don’t understand HOW they could ever support such an idiot. SIGH.

    1. My FB feed is full of support for him, and I can’t even handle it. I mean, I know I live in one of the most conservative areas in the country, but DONALD TRUMP???????? He’s an idiot.

  4. I love that banner, it’s too cute & funny!

  5. I don’t even bother watching the GOP debates. Waste of time in my opinion!

    I agree, Sac needs to finally cool down already. It doesn’t feel like fall at all! :(

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