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This is some good advice when you live and work out in a place where it’s hot (like Sacramento). 8 tips for exercising in the summer heat.

I don’t quite relate to all of  this on a personal level, but there is some truth in this guy’s thoughts about our digital lives.

If you think any of those things, visit Germany and learn from experience.

My friend Lauren wrote a great post about women in the workplace. Has this happened to you or are you one of the ignorant guys who do this kind of stuff? Just stop!

Do your part to keep this country from becoming The United States of Sucking at Taking Vacations.

I think that this is in many ways true for me: How being non-confrontational has held me back in life.

7 things you should insist on no matter what people say. Yes, yes, yes.

12 amazing apps for bloggers. Did you know about all of these?

The most gracious responses to common (and rude) situations.

A little bit of smart budgeting advice if you’re having a problem with impulse shopping.

You’re a grown up, but do you feel like one? The answer to that would be ‘yes and no’.

  1. Thanks so much for featuring our article on apps for bloggers! They’ll change the way you blog :)

  2. Thanks San
    for this collection of articles. There were a few nice ones in here.
    Happy Sunday, Tobia

  3. If anything I need to be LESS confrontational. So if you need some pointers on how to be confrontational, just hang out with me for a little bit. ;)

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