August Link Love

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Oh this is useful: iPhone Hack.

How friendships change in adulthood.

Maybe it ain’t so bad? In defense of being average.

It’s okay to be good, not great.

Around the blogosphere

My friend Stephany wrote about To have or not to have kids and I’ve had a lot of the same thoughts.

Journaling my Instagram photos. I love this idea. I used to incorporate my Instagram photos in old planners, but haven’t done that for a while. I have to restart the habit!


How to make reusable sandwich and snack bags.

Free printable 2020 calendars

For my runner friends

Do we really need post-run stretches? Yes we do!

The guide to VO2 Max.


Tomato Bacon Pasta – that sounds like a perfectly easy and quick weeknight-meal to me.

I am going to try this next: Avocado-Chicken-Salad.


How to choose quality eggs.

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  1. So many awesome reads here! I have to try some of these recipes, the honey mustard broccoli salad sounds so freaking good! And tomato bacon pasta, yum! I have a lot of tomatoes in my garden begging to be used!

  2. Years ago I read a book called “Complete Without Kids” and it was so great and it featured different women (with kids, want kids but hasn’t happened yet, has kids and wish she didn’t, absolutely doesn’t want kids, etc)- pretty much people from every spectrum. It was so good because there were a lot of angles about having kids that nobody ever talks about, like how it changes your marriage, how it changes the direction of your life, and how sometimes you can feel like you no longer have the life you want. It was just really great. My review is on Goodreads (, but I can’t find it on my blog. Who knows what I titled it. HA!

  3. You always find such interesting articles! I’ve bookmarked some to go back and read, like the one on friendships! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. You should never ask a woman if she’s going to have kids…just don’t do it. There are lots of reasons people don’t have them, some being more personal than others. And also, some people don’t want kids. That’s it. Period. And that’s valid!

    I like the idea of journaling with your Insta photos, and just making sure you print those pictures in general. I’d like to get a phone printer someday.


  5. The phone hack is so obvious but I’ve never actually used it. Crazy.

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