April Favorites

1.) OhEmGee. I found  Lifeway Frozen Kefir at our local Co-op and it is so delicious, you guys. You need to try this immediately. It only has half the calories of regular ice cream and it’s so refreshing. I prefer plain kefir with its tart and tangy flavor. Yum.

2.) Well, baseball season is upon us and how else are we going to survive the days at the office if it wasn’t for the MLB’s At Bat App that keeps you up-to-date on all the baseball-related happenings!?

3.) I received a complimentary subscription to Runner’s World Magazine when I renewed my Runstastic Gold Membership earlier this year and I thought, oh, why the heck not? And I must say, I quite enjoy this magazine.

4.) It’s maxi skirt season, finally! I bought this Mossimo Maxi Skirt at Target last year during a sale and it’s been my go-to, comfortable skirt every since.

5.) I haven’t had queso dip in forever and part of me wishes I hadn’t bought the Tostitos Queso Dip on a whim at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago. Now I am hooked on this stuff. Well, it’s cheese, what else did I expect?

6.) I recently came upon Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap and really, really love it. It smells heavenly, cleans very well and is based on natural ingredients. What’s not to love?

  1. OMG Maxi skirts and queso dip!! A girl after my own heart!!!

  2. Oh I want a maxi skirt. I sewed one as a trial and wore it a lot but it ripped so I am planning on making another one. Frozen Kefir sounds good too, don’t think I can get it here. But I am wishing for an ice cream maker for my birthday and then I could give it a try.
    Happy Thursday, Tobia

  3. Omg…I LOVE queso. I actually have to limit the times I buy it because I can literally eat a whole jar in one sitting. It’s soooo addicting!

  4. I’ve been looking for a maxi skirt for ages but I’m so short, they always look ridiculous. Now that Target is gone (sniff!) I guess maybe I’ll check out Old Navy! It just seems like such a summer must-have :) I love Mrs. Meyers dish soap! I have yet to try the hand soap, though – my kids are a little too attached to the soft soap that comes in a fish bottle :)

  5. I just won some of that hand soap at a baby shower I went to last weekend – I’m looking forward to trying it! I think I might end up getting hooked, too! And cheesy dips are my weakness, too!!

  6. Meyer’s has great stuff. Their kitchen stuff is good too. This reminds me, I need to buy hand soap for our bathroom!

  7. Sehr schöner Post mit tollen Sachen!
    Mir gefällt dein Header total gut <3

    Liebe Grüße


  8. I LOVE Maxi skirts!! I just pulled mine out again the other day. I have three of them and wear them often in the spring/summer/fall. Such a great look and they are acceptable in my workplace and can be dressed up too I think :)

  9. I have that skirt too and wear it all the time! In the past couple of weeks I’ve actually used it as a dress, and gotten so many compliments! So versatile :-)

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