October Link Love

LinkLoveOctober1I definitely will be using some of those. Did you know about this stuff? 16 Hair hacks every girl should know.

What to eat when you’re broke. I think we can all take a little bit of advice from this, even if we’re not completely broke.

I am a planner at heart and can definitely relate to Elise’s post on why she sets goals.

This is to be taken with a grain of salt, but there is some truth to it: 6 things to avoid saying or doing in the presence of friends without kids.

Love, love, love this idea of family-pictures-clock-wall-decor. Check it out!

Mmmh, this might be just the right thing for winter: How to make homemade just-add-water instant noodle lunches.

Who likes apple cake?

Confession: I buy certain things at the Dollar Store… because they’re cheap! But there are definitely things that I wouldn’t buy there ever, too. Here’s a good list: 10 Top 10 Dollar Store buys and what not to try.

Flavored butter? With fresh bread? Yes, please.

This one pot meatless Monday recipe looks sooo good!

10 Life lessons for excelling in your 30’s.

Cinnamon Almond Muesli Healthy Cold Cereal. That sounds delicious!

  1. Particularly interested in 10 life lessons for your 30s and the dollar store to-buy and not-to-buy list!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. p.s. lovin’ the Christmas countdown :)

  3. I love the Hair Hacks list ~ I never do anything with my hair apart from putting it in a ponytail so those will definitely help me :)

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