August Link Love



I know far too many people to count who are dealing with depression or other mental health issues. Compassion is key to end stigma. On Robin Williams, health advocacy, and small gestures of comfort  

Another good piece on the topic by my friend Kaci: On Depression .

This is my poison: Avocado + Heirloom Tomato Toast with Balsamic Drizzle.

Elise shared some tips and tricks regarding photography in this post: For the love of crop.

I am sure there are some tricks that you didn’t know either: 20 secret tricks for your iPhone that 90% of owners do not know.

Are you guilty of taking straight down pictures of your shoes/feet? Yeah, me too. This made me laugh: How to master the shoe selfie.

Featuring a new blog today that I recently discovered by a ‘reverse-expat’ (American living in Germany)..heh. 9 ways to make living abroad a reality. (P.S. I took the study route.)

I live Sarah’s series about How to be a grown ass woman: Money + Finances.

Here’s another one: How to be a grown ass woman: Health + Personal Care.

What I instagrammed vs. what I was actually doing, or my entire life is a lie. Hehe, does that sound familiar?

Loved this perspective by my blogger friend Kate (who lives in Germany) about 30 things to know before moving to Germany.

20 surprising things about parenting in Germany (written by yet another an expat. Seems like I am reading a lot of expat blogs these days. Anyway, I don’t know if you want to know this. Read at your own risk.).

Lesley wrote about The strangest love letters you ever read on her 9th anniversary. So sweet.

  1. Thank you, San, for sharing my piece here. <3

    And thank you for the Instagram vs. reality piece too, SO FUNNY!

    And… I'd like to move to Germany now.

  2. Lovely links. I like them… And I really had to schmunzel when I read the shoe selfie one. great one, I will do mine with more care know.
    Have a great weekend, Tobia

  3. Nom! I love heirloom tomatoes, and paired with avocado? Love :)

  4. Thanks for sharing those links.

    I also love croping my pictures. I never thought about taking selfies of my shoes, but it looks like fun! I defenitely gonna try this!

    I instantly followed “Guten Blog Ya’ll”!

    “20 surprising things about parenting in Germany” was really interessting to read. It made me realize (once again), that Germans sometimes don’t appreciate the good live we actually have!

  5. So many great links. Thanks for sharing!

  6. What I instagrammed vs. what I was actually doing, or my entire life is a lie – Nailed it!

    Will have to check out the rest of the links when I’m not at work ;) Thanks for the round up, San!

  7. Loving all your links – love finding new to me blogs!
    Hope you’re enjoying your time overseas! How long are you staying? xxx

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