October Link Love


I’m switching from weekly link love to a once-a-month collection of my favorite blog links, which I will share mid-month (because most other people either share their links on Fridays or at the end of the month and I want to do something different; also, why the hell not? Exactly!).

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I could really relate to Kate writing about not having any friends still. Anyone else?

10 not so obvious blogging tips

In case you work at a Mexican restaurant, here’s how to not assemble a burrito.

That is a great question: How do you find the people that are right for you?

6 Benefits of being a morning exerciser – this makes me think if I should give morning exercise another chance. But it would be so freaking early for me. Mmh. What time of day do you work out?

Ever met someone with OCS, an “oppositional conversational style“?

I didn’t love my wife when we got married. Say what? But wait, you need to read this.

My friend Mandy wrote about “Learning Lessons” and it hits close to home.

Freebie download!  23 free fall foliage photoshop brushes.

The 10 best things about your best friend, do you have someone like this?

The Bloggess talks about the government shutdown, how “we are the government” and how we can approach what’s happening in this country.

12 things happy people do differently

Do you love quotes as much as I do? Here are 15 inspiring quotes on creativity.

When pure honesty gets you a spot in the Huffington Post. Akirah explains why she told 150 wedding guests that my husband does not complete her.

Sometimes it’s hard to admit, but here’s The Anatomy of F*cking Up and What Happens Thereafter….. alla Chelsea.

A millenial’s outcry, some real talk from Abby, because life is hard.

25 things to enjoy this October.

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