June Link Love

It’s time for my monthly round-up of worthwhile links that I’ve gathered over the last few weeks.I don’t know about you, but I also appreciate when others share links that they found around the Internet. Maybe you do too. You’re welcome.

Around the Interwebs

Do I want to know? Do I care? How Instagram’s algorithm works.

I was heartbroken to hear about Anthony Bourdain.

The huge benefits of working in your second language. Who knew?

The Scientific Argument for Mastering One Thing at a Time. If you want to make changes that stick, don’t try to change everything at once.

Did you grow up in the 90’s? Enjoy!

Americans are depressed and suicidal because there is something wrong with our culture.

Wizard Wand Potter Makeup Brushes. Whaaat?

6 ways social media affects our mental health.

Around the blogosphere

Who is making these blogging rules up, anyway? I couldn’t agree more with Helen.

The love story I never thought to tell. An ode to female friendship.

How I use worry time to manage my anxiety. I thought this seemed helpful.

A bit misunderstood: Life as an introvert. While I was never an extrovert (not even as a kid), I can relate to so much of this.


Over-the-top top. So cute.

20 monthly spread layouts for your bullet journal: ideas and inspiration


I wanna make these easy garlic knots. They look so good!

Italian Turkey Protein Patties. Those can be easily made in advance and be eaten cold. Perfect snack for the summer months!

Trail Mix Cookies. Yum, these sound delicious!


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  1. I grew up in the 90s and all of these speak to me!!! :)

  2. Right now I am learning all sorts of new recipes to conform to Weight Watchers Zero Points Freestyle Plan. It is so much fun and delicious too!

  3. Ooh fun links! Instagram confuses me so much and it kind of drives me nuts too because I just want to see people’s post! And keep them in the order they posted them! Sheesh.

    I’ve seen different HP makeup brushes, but seriously, aren’t they awesome? I don’t wear makeup much but I want them!

    And I was born in 1990, so yay for 90’s memes! I totally relate to so many of these. The not wearing very fashionable clothes, rolling the TV in at school when watching a movie, playing outside all the time because we didn’t have cell phones, etc.


  4. Omg the 90s memes are hilarious!! They are all so spot on! It kind of makes me nostalgic for that simpler time!!

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