108°F anyone?


This weather is crazy. While (a huge part of) Germany is drowning in floods, we’ve had record temperatures here in the Central Valley over the weekend. Not that we don’t get our regular share of temperatures in the triple digits during the summer months anyway, but 108°F (42°C) at the beginning of June is pretty unusual. Not to forget: crappy. Especially if your car’s AC has given out and you practically can’t get anywhere without being completely soaked by the time you arrive.

I was invited to a farewell party on Saturday at a co-worker’s house, a 30 minute-drive away, and besides being completely sweaty upon arrival, even my iPhone temporarily overheated in the car (a thing that has never happened to me before). So yeah, it was hot!

It’s no surprise that I am extremely thankful for the ceiling fans in our apartment and two functioning AC units (although I wouldn’t mind having central air either, but you can’t have everything. We live in an old apartment building after all.) Thankfully, it cooled down significantly yesterday (not to mention that today it’s right around 40°F cooler than on Saturday) and we could open the windows to let the breeze in. I am really happy about the breeze Sacramento gets from the delta. We actually went to the river for a little while today to enjoy the cool air.

We had a good weekend. We spent some time in Davis on Friday ( which is always a bit like time traveling for me, because it takes me right back to the time when J and I met there some 11 years ago – gasp!). Some frozen yogurt was totally justified despite my ongoing sugar detox (more on that later this week), because HEAT!
We had Thai food later that night and sat on a bench in the park for quite some time after the sun went down and reminisced.

Saturday I did some grocery shopping and did some conscious purchasing at the local Co-op (food posts to come). I am somewhat on a mission to try all the milk and not-so-much-dairy-based fake dairy drinks in the world. I’ve been kinda snobbish in the past when it comes to soy milk, almond milk and the like, but I have to say, in coffee it’s actually not bad at all. I think I could get used to that, but I will never be ok with giving up milk (or dairy for that matter) completely.

Also: this is what I want when it superhot outside. Ice-cold, sweet and juicy = the best.


Other good things this weekend:

finding out that my sister is recovering well from her foot surgery ♥ stitching ♥ sleeping in ♥ sun dress ♥ phone dates with family ♥ bread baking ♥ cool showers ♥ reading ♥ a walk ♥ putting up new pictures ♥

How was your weekend?

  1. We could share. You get some cold air and water and we get some warmer temperatures. Deal?!

  2. Indeed, we had some crazy hot weather this weekend! I’m so happy it cooled down a lot, though. It’s too early in the summer to be 108!

  3. 108?? Seriously? Wow. That’s insane. It’s up in the high 90s here today after being one of those weekends where you could keep the windows open so it’s a bit of a shock to all of us. But I guess that’s Mother Nature for you.

    I don’t think I could ever give up dairy. I love it too much!

  4. that is just SO HOT. i’m not ready for that weather yet so i’m hoping it stays away from LA for a bit, ha. & my weekend was lovely, got a lot of errands done and some apartment decorating which is always fun.

  5. Yikes, that is HOT! And it’s so early to have it that warm already! I got some watermelon as well. It is SO good and the best summer snack!!

  6. 108. Already? Ugh! We max out around 113 for a week or two every summer, hasn’t hit us yet … but we have a week of high 90’s, so it’s on the horizon. I hate heat. :(

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