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Coffee Love :)

Both, Lisa and Kyria recently wrote an interesting post about the things they like to splurge on and other things that they are happy to save money on. It’s interesting how everybody has different priorities when it comes to spending their hard-earned money!
Although I’ve always been a pretty frugal person in general, there are definitely things I like – and don’t feel guilty about – splurging on. Some things are just totally worth it!

I splurge on…

  • food. I try to be very cognizant what I put in my body and I buy a lot of organic, fresh and unprocessed food. I do try to be mindful of our weekly grocery spending, but I don’t really cut corners if it would mean to compromise the quality of my food.
  • shoes. I try to get good deals on shoes, but when it comes down to it, my feet hate plastic and shoes that are simply not well made. They clearly tell me with blisters and overall foot-aches and I am not having that.
  • my iPhone. Obviously the costs are higher than if I didn’t have a smartphone, but it makes me so happy on a daily basis that it’s totally worth it.
  • actual coffee beans. I am a bit of a snobby coffee drinker and I will only drink good coffee, or no coffee at all.
  • travel. Weekend trips and then the annual overseas trip home. It’s a necessity.
  • gifts for other people. It makes me happy to buy stuff that will make someone else happy.

I save by…

  • doing a lot of DIY projects.
  • making coffee at home (and at the office) pretty much every day; I hardly ever stop at the coffee shop. It’s usually only a special trip when we’re traveling or out and about.
  • buying mostly non-brand clothing (I’ll make an exception for longer lasting quality every once in a while)
  • packing lunch usually for all days of the work week (we only go out to group lunch every once in while).
  • using credit cards to earn reward points and cash back. I am very good about the credit cards that I use. When I buy something with my credit card, I almost always transfer the amount from my checking account to the credit card on the same day; that way I earn rewards, but don’t end up with a huge credit card bill at the end of the month and I am never tempted to buy ‘on credit’, but only spend the money  I have.
  • comparing prices. I am a bit notorious for making sure I buy certain things where they are cheapest (obviously, only when it’s reasonable. I won’t drive 20 miles to a gas station just because gas is 2 cents cheaper – defeats the purpose!)
  • using coupons and store sales. No worries, I am not one of those extreme couponers, but I do pay attention to coupons, store sales and personalized deals at the grocery store. I only use coupons for stuff that I would buy anyway and try to plan my shopping around sales for certain items. It does pay off quite a bit. Also: buy certain things in bulk at Costco.
  • using the library or book swapping website.
  • cooking at home (we try to only eat out maybe once a week, if at all).


What do you like to splurge on? What makes it easy for you to save? Tell me in the comments or write your own blog post! I am curious!

  1. I haven’t commented in a while… but am always reading. :)

    The first thing that comes to mind on splurging is “education” (partially involuntarily though) – over half of my paycheck goes towards paying off my student loans. But it’s all worth it!

    …saving on the other hand: Getting fast food instead of going out the restaurants. Subway is healthier than Applebees. ;)

  2. Very seldom I splurge by stopping at Dunkin’ Donuts and getting a Large Hot Lite Latte! Oh, I so love this!
    I save by having a dumb phone, doing all my own cooking, and also using coupons, sales and Outlet Malls to buy things.

  3. Clearly, you also save on letters, because the title of your post says “Spluring” instead of “Splurging” … =D

    Did you say you use whole coffee beans? Do you also use a burr grinder? They’re apparently superior to the regular kinds of grinders (and, of course, more expensive, too – see this: https://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/breville-ikon-burr-coffee-grinder).

  4. Travel fits under both categories for me. I tend to only pick my destinations if there’s a deal! :P

  5. I’ve recently stopped going to Starbucks every day and started eating at home more. I’m finding that those are both great ways to save!

  6. I really love this post idea, I may steal it from all you ladies, hehe :)

    We definitely save and splurge on a lot of the same things. I try really hard to bring coffee with me to work, although it helps to have a discount at the Starbucks upstairs (and friends who work there who are often willing to share their free drinks). I do make a point to NOT go to other Starbucks’ if I can avoid it, and will go for slightly cheaper coffee options around school if I’m in dire need. My iPhone is my biggest monthly splurge for sure, but like you, it makes me SO happy so I don’t regret it one bit!

  7. we definitely save a lot the same way, ha. i very much bring my lunch often and go to the library simply because it’s easier, healthier and cheaper. love it.

  8. Fun post! So many have done this post – I think maybe 5 people? It’s interesting because I always worry that people are totally bored by my finance-focued monthly post. ;) So it’s good to know it’s not super boring to others!

    I splurge by hiring a cleaning service that comes every 2 weeks, going on vacation, and treating myself to a weekly latte. I save by making coffee the other days of the week, waiting to buy clothes when I have coupons at the stores I frequent, and eating in most of the time!

  9. Great post! I agree that food is something that is worth splurging on. There are certain items that can be purchased cheaply, but it’s so worthwhile to buy organic groceries. If it means that me and my man are healthy then it’s worth every penny to me!

  10. You already read mine! You save on a lot of the same things I do, but there are some clear differences. I buy whatever coffee is in a large bag at Costco. I don’t buy the really cheap canned one, but I usually buy middle of the line. Travel is definitely where the majority of my money goes! And food!

  11. My rewards credit card has been one of the best things I’ve signed up for. I use it the same way you do, paying it off completely each month and usually paying stuff off right away and I love reaping the rewards in the form of flights and other goodies.

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