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  • When your blog is down repeatedly and you have to deal with some stupid hacker activity. I am just a small, personal blogger. Why?
  • I’m kind of having a hard time with the fact that season 2 of ‘The Newsroom’ will not air until June 2013. That’s a long time, people. How to deal?
  • Job negotiations. Do not like.
  • Running out of time on my “borrowing time” from the library when I haven’t finished the book yet and there is a waiting list to re-borrow it again. Stupid.


  • Finally some cooler temperatures. It’s still in the mid-80’s here during the day, but the mornings are noticeably chilly. Come here, fall. I ♥ you.
  • New stamps in the mail from Elise! Hooray!
  • I am kind of obsessed with the news and politics right now. Honestly, I cannot wait for the (vice-)presidential debates in October. I think everybody should pay attention to what’s going on in order to be able to cast an informed vote this November. Do you follow the news?
  • Licorice! Found a bag of ‘salted licorice’ in my kitchen drawer that I had completely forgotten about. Win!
  • I can’t wait to cook more soups and stews again this fall. They’re so easy and so delicious. My favorites right now are barley soup, string bean soup and a mixed vegetable soup. If you have any other awesome suggestions, leave them in the comments! I want to try something new! (e.g. potato soup from scratch!)
  • Re: Coffee. Costco sells Peet’s Coffee in 2 lb-bags now with significant savings over supermarket prices. Just FYI. (You know, for the every day coffee pleasures.)
  1. How is this that you know so much about The Newsroom?? I live in pleasant ignorance and then do little dances around the house when I begin seeing advertisements for the next season. =)

    Yes, I follow politics and have very strong opinions about it. But, I am beginning to loathe this season. Rather, I am beginning to contemplate de-friending people (whom I’m really don’t interact with on a regular basis) on Facebook, because I just don’t get their political views (and could not be bothered to ask them why). =)

  2. Here is a potato soup recipe!

    I am excited for soups and stews and other meals like that! I love that kind of ‘stick to your bones’ food. Yum! It’s been cooler here lately – like in the 50s in the morning and highs in the 70s, which is my favorite kind of weather. I am loving that the trees are starting to turn soon and apples are in season!

    For awkward, I’d say the fact that I sometimes don’t see eye to eye with my boss. Like I sent something out today and he made some suggestions and I didn’t incorporate them as I didn’t agree with them, and now he keeps joking about it and bringing it up, but I can tell it actually bothers him that I didn’t make the changes he suggested.. awkward!

  3. I have started embarking on fancy coffee too… but since the cost is all mixed up with groceries, maybe the hubby won’t notice?

  4. I can extend one time for two more weeks at my library – your county does not do that? Stupid!

    Btw, did you see the $100 for $80 Peets gift cards at Costco?

  5. Oh man, I can’t wait to get my soup on this fall and winter. Let me know if you find any good recipes!

  6. It’s hard not to be aware of all the political stuff that’s going on and I’m obsessed too. I can’t help it. I don’t get too crazy political most of the time, but this election (and the last one too) have got me all riled up.

  7. I’m glad the internet exists. Without it, so many people would not be informed about politics, and as much as I hate discussing it, it’s still fascinating. :)

  8. liebelein, i wanted to stop by and send you some love again. wanna know more details on various of the awkward and awesome topics – skype-date this weekend? i’ll be online ;) HDGDL!

  9. I love soups and stews! One of my “go to”s:

    I don’t know what your job negotiations are, but I wish you luck in whatever it is!

  10. Just watch Newsroom on repeat. ;) And I hope you enjoy that coffee immensely and don’t become too poor. And amen on being in tune with the news on the election stuff.

  11. Have a very nice recipe for “Oma-Heidis-Kartoffelrahmsuppe”.
    Will send it to you once I am home today.

  12. Just for you my dear, comments!! ;-)
    Ugh don’t you hate when that happens with library books?! Two weeks is way too short!!

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