Sometimes a little kindness goes a long way. (Actually, most times.)

Sometimes I get a little annoyed that the books I want to read are never available in the digital library. I hate waiting for books. What did I get my nook for?

Sometimes I get frustrated with keeping up with everything and everyone online and then I want to quit blogging all together. So far, that feeling hasn’t lasted very long and I usually remember very quickly what I love about being connected.

Sometimes I really hate how the hours slip away from me after work and just like that it’s time to go to bed again because the alarm is set for 5:40 a.m. I try to keep reminding myself that I do get my three days weekends in return and that’s not a bad trade-off.

Sometimes I miss playing softball like crazy. I loved playing in a team.

Sometimes I don’t understand why if one problem is solved, another instantly pops up.

Sometimes I get really excited to see friends that I haven’t seen in a while and look forward to finally meet up with friends that I’ve met online, but not yet met in person. Watch out, girls, I am almost on my way!

Sometimes I get a little carried away when shopping at Target, Ross, Marshalls, and similar stores. After all, everything is practically on sale and therefore a great bargain. Retail therapy definitely is a thing.

Sometimes I really should move on from certain things. Easier said than done.

Sometimes I get a little bit too excited about my potted vegetable garden. I had no idea how amazing it would be to watch your own vegetables grow.

Sometimes I let other people’s opinions of me bring me down even when I know they shouldn’t matter. Something to work on.

Sometimes I just like to be by myself. I love being around people, but I also need a certain amount of me-time to completely feel like myself.

Sometimes I want to get up early on the weekends and sometimes I want to sleep in. I always feel that if I sleep in for too long, I miss out on precious time that I could spend more wisely, and when I get up early, I feel I should allow my body more rest. So I compromise and usually get up around nine.

Sometimes I just don’t understand.


Your turn, fill in the blank. Sometimes I ______________________.


{inspired by the “Sometimes I…” posts by Mandy}



{inspired by the “Sometimes I…” posts by Mandy}


  1. I hear you. That’s the one disadvantage to eReaders. If you don’t download the books illegally, they’re either expensive or a little hard to come by. I think it will get better as time goes on!

  2. Sometimes I allow what other people say, hurt my feelings. Even if they were accurate in their criticism of me. Call me a gentle soul.

  3. We are so twins! I cannot wait to finally meet you. This is going to be so incredible.
    And don’t stop blogging. I would miss you toooooo much.

  4. You’re not lying about bargain shopping at places like Target. I swear, I can go in there with two things on my list and $150 later, I’m walking to my car wondering what just hit me!

  5. I think you’re an amazing blogger because you seem to always be there for me and I don’t know how you can keep up with Twitter since I can’t. I’m sure I’ve missed a lot of important tweets from you. I’m THE ONE that can’t keep up! :) xoxo, thanks for being there for me.

  6. Sometimes I worry about the future too much instead of embracing this moment.

  7. The waits for e-books kill me! I was hoping to request a book for a blogger book club I am in so I wouldn’t have to lug a physical book on my trip to Canada for Amber’s wedding – the wait was 110 people! Then I checked to see what the wait was for the physical book? No wait! There are like 200 copies available. Strange.

    Sometimes I feel so lucky to live the life I live.

    Sometimes I wonder why people are so negative and complain and complain about something instead of doing something to make a situation better.

    Sometimes I wish we could all teleport ourselves from city to city so the physical distance between us bloggers with kindred spirits wasn’t so large. (well, I wish this all the time actually!!)

  8. Sometimes I wonder why I am blogging, why I am spilling bits of self into a swirly and open pool, but then I click and come to a corner and someone is asking me to think about a word – sometimes – and I feel my mind do a little jig, I feel the sensation of thinking, of relating, of being human, and I remember. I remember why.

    Great post.

  9. Sometimes I get so blown away by having such amazing people in my life that I break down crying because life is so short to spend it with them.

    Sometimes I wonder why awful things happen to such good people, and why I can’t do anything about it.

    Sometimes I wish I could time travel. Actually scratch that, I wish I could time travel ALL the time :)

  10. I must live in a town where people don’t own e-readers because I rarely have to wait all that long for a book. I think the longest I’ve waited is a few weeks and that was for Mindy Kaling’s book and it had about 30 people on the wait list. I usually end up buying most of my books anyway, ha.

  11. I hear you on everything you stated up there! Agree to everything, even the vegetables! We are all totally excited about our little veggie garden and love harvesting all the yummy things! xxx

  12. Aren’t the tiny veggies just amazing!? I love seeing the life grow right in front of my eyes! And I need ME time too! A lot, actually!

    Sometimes I get a little neurotic about everything being in it’s place.

    Sometimes I go overboard at TJs. Or Costco. Or pretty much any place with food.



    But really – I feel the same way on so many of these things. I hadn’t checked on my backyard garden for a few days and then went out to have a week and spent far too much time talking to my plants and telling them how nice and big they had gotten. I’m amazed that things I planted are actually growing.

    Also? On the alone time? EXACTLY.

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