2012 in pictures: week 24

2012 in pictures: week 24

at the gym // euro 2012 // hot, hot, hot //
basil // fandom // breakfast //
mel’s diner // coffee // fort sutter

  1. Great pictures! I especially love the little fan!

  2. Love your pics, especially the one of your niece, so cute!! xxx

  3. That photo of Ft Sutter makes me homesick :)

  4. Whoa, it’s been hot in Sacramento lately!! Is that common for you guys?? I thought your climate was a bit more temperate and less hot!

    Your niece is so cute!

  5. Your basil is getting big!

  6. looks like a great weekend!

  7. seriously can’t get over how cute your niece is! love the pictures.

  8. Oh those days when it’s 100+ – DO NOT WANT!

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