Photo of the week: McKinley

Foto der Woche

Hello, hello. Another week and another  ‘Foto der Woche‘.   My Glücklichmacher #14:

Photo of the week: McKinley

 McKinley (taken on April 6, 2014)

It’s nice, beautiful spring weather (mostly) around these parts now and I’ve taken my treadmill running out to the park again. There is a row of houses across from the park where I go running and I can’t help but stare at them every time I pass them. They’re just so beautiful with the big palm trees lining the street. Not a bad place to live!

  1. In der Tat, da kann ich mir auch schlimmeres vorstellen :)!

  2. The houses are beautiful, but I love how the palm trees make them look like miniature versions of themselves.

  3. Do you see yourself buying a place at some time or do you love to rent?

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