Anniversary trip to Napa

I don’t know how this topic came up, but  a couple of weeks ago I asked J if he had been to the Old Faithful Geyser and he said “isn’t that the one in Yellow Stone NP? No, I haven’t been there”. I knew that there was a geyser in Yellow Stone NP, but I meant the one ‘in our backyard’, the one in Calistoga, CA. When J told me that he had never been to the that one either, I instantly knew where I wanted to go for our anniversary.  I mean, I – science geek that I am – have been there (only) twice, but I made sure to take my parents and Basti there last summer. To think that I had never taken a trip there with J seemed, somewhat, impossible.

The geyser  is one of three geysers in the world with the designation “old faithful”, which means that they perform at regular intervals. About every 15 minutes,  there is an eruption of steam and scalding water spraying 60 to 100 feet in the air. The eruptions are recorded and monitored and a change in the eruption pattern usually foreshadows an earthquake. The eruptions last about 5 minutes and it’s a really fun thing to watch. I mean, it’s like a show put on by mother nature, you know?

@ Old Faithful Geyser of Calistoga

@ Old Faithful Geyser of Calistoga

St. Helena

It was a really beautiful day and there were a lot of people out and about (naturally). We had fun driving through St. Helena, a little town in the heart of Napa Valley. Well, and there is also this:


Proscutti @ Dean & DeLuca

Salame @ Dean & DeLuca

@ Dean & DeLuca

Wine @ Dean & DeLuca

Olives @ Dean & DeLuca

Antipasti @ Dean & DeLuca

Cheese @ Dean & DeLuca

Cheese @ Dean & DeLuca

I know, right? That store alone is a reason to drive out to Napa. So, you can imagine, J was easily convinced to spend our anniversary there.

I think we spent at least an hour at Dean & DeLuca. J and I love good food, we enjoy shopping for good food and they have hands-down the best selection of Italian meats, antipasti and cheese. Also, coffee.

Iced coffee & sunshine.

After leaving a substantial amount of money at this store (and we could have spent more!), we headed out to a picnic spot with iced coffee, baguette, salami and proscutto, cheese, antipasti and drinks. Best anniversary dinner ever – if you ask me. And we had a beautiful view. Can’t beat that.


The giant grape crusher

Napa Valley

We were lucky that our anniversary fell on the long weekend this year and we’re also very lucky that we live so close to awesome destinations here in California.  It was nice to spend a day in wine country (without drinking wine, mind you!) and still have another day to hang out together.

Did you do anything fun this Memorial Day weekend?

  1. Your trip looks very relaxing! The food at Dean & Deluca is making me drool over here. It all looks so delicious!

    We stayed home almost all weekend, but did manage to spend time with a lot of friends and family and got a lot done around the house! It was a great weekend :)

  2. First of all, you and your hubby are so cute together.
    Secondly, I have never seen a geiser and would love to.
    Thirdly, I’ve never been to Dean and Deluca and after viewing those pictures, I’m jealous. Looks like the best place on earth.
    Finally, Happy Anniversary. I’m so glad you guys had such a nice weekend.

  3. oh hun, that looks and sounds like the perfect day. and the dinner …. yum. i’m glad you had such a nice anniversary! HDGGGDL! <3

  4. Wow lady, Napa looks amazing! :)

  5. How fun! We’ve been wanting to go to Napa, but haven’t. I love the pictures, and adore your fancy food picnic! Sounds like the best day!

  6. Yum. Olives. I love Napa but surprisingly don’t go often, considering how close I am. It’s one of those places you always think you will go to “later” or “next weekend” and it just doesn’t happen! I need to get my butt up there soon!

  7. happy anniversary weekend! i didn’t know that dean and deluca was up that way. always imagined it to be on the east coast. you know, with felicity and all. :p

  8. Looks like the perfect anniversary getaway! Love the food – I bet the picnic was amazing! Cute toes! xxx

  9. oh wow, looks like the perfect anniversary ! glad you had a wonderful time :-)

  10. What a fun anniversary trip! I’ve never been there myself, someday when I’m visiting NorCal for sure. Love the pics, looks like a wonderful time.

    Our 5 year is next March, we’re going to Maui sans toddler, can’t wait!

  11. what a fun weekend getaway, looks so beautiful! also, i don’t know how you only spent an hour in dean & deluca, i could so get lost in there and want to buy everything! it all looks so delicious!

  12. What a great weekend! Looks like so much fun and perfect for celebrating an anniversary.

  13. Your pictures are SO beautiful- it looks like you had an amazing time!!

  14. Dean & Deluca always makes me think of the show Felicity. :) It looks like you had a lovely weekend! I am so glad you guys got a chance to spend the weekend together and celebrate your marriage!

    I had a tough weekend, as you know. I am still trying to bounce back from it actually. I just feel sick to my stomach and super stressed. But I am trying to find that sense of confidence again…

  15. Looks like an awesome anniversary weekend! You guys look so cute together ;)
    We stretched the Memorial weekend a little bit and flew to Chicago, which was a nice get-away as well!

  16. This trip sounds so amazing! It’s on my bucket list to see Old Faithful!! :)

    For the long weekend I spent a night at my friends cabin at a nearby lake and then spent most of the weekend at home relaxing. It was really nice!!

  17. Love all the photos – it looks like the two of you had great weather for a very special celebration!

  18. Your pictures are so gorgeous! It’s awesome you live so close to some pretty amazing destinations. It sounds like you had a wonderful anniversary trip and gosh, I really need to make a trip to California sometime, don’t I? :)

  19. That’s my kind of anniversary meal! Sounds amazing and delicious and perfect. Congrats again, you two!

  20. Happy anniversary! I hope there will be many, many more!

  21. Oh man, I now that I’ve made it out to SF, I need to make my way out to Napa! I need me some cheese! :D

  22. Sounds like a perfect trip! What a lovely day and great pictures too!

  23. Aw, happy anniversary! Sounds like a lovely way to spend it! Oh man, all that foooood! YUM. Cheeeeeeese! & OLIVES. Haha perfect.

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