My Cologne

Cologne Cathedral

I was lucky to be able to spend some time in my beloved Cologne when I visited Germany over the holidays. It’s such a gorgeous city and it always makes me all fuzzy and happy inside when I am there. I wish it would have been a little bit sunnier (you know, natural light and such), but at least there was no snow this Christmas that could have kept me away.

I was able to stroll through the city and even did a little shopping, I visited four of the many Christmas markets within the city limits, I met my uncle – who lives in Cologne! – for Glühwein/hot chocolate, I got to see the beautifully lit Hohenzollern Bridge with its myriad of “love locks” and the majestic Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral).


{St. Mariä Himmelfahrt Church}

Cologne Train Station

{Central Train Station}


{Excelsior Hotel Ernst}




{Früh Brewery}

Cologne Cathedral

{Kölner Dom}

Christmas Market

{Christmas Market Alter Markt}

Christmas Market (Neumarkt)

{Christmas Market Neumarkt}



Hot Chocolate

{hot chocolate}


{“love locks”}


{Hohenzollern Bridge}


{Kölner Dom}

It was so, so good to be back!

  1. It looks so beautiful! I’m so glad that you were able to go home and visit some of your most favorite places.

  2. Your pictures are so gorgeous San! I would love to visit Germany one day, it’s one of those places in Europe that really intrigues me. And I can only imagine how great it was to be back with family and friends for the holidays :)

  3. I absolutely LOVE the Dom! It was very beautiful when I got to see it! It was during the summer though, so the natural light was completely different. Thanks for sharing the pictures! So pretty!!

  4. Everything looks so bright and Christmas-y! I am so happy you got to go home and spend time enjoying some of your favorite places and people!

  5. Wow, truly gorgeous!!! I miss Christmas already, haha.

  6. Wow ! Great pictures ! :)

  7. Love the photo of the bridge and of the love locks! Also love the wreath decorations on the hotel! Beautiful photos – glad you had such a fun trip!

  8. Can we say: “our Cologne” please?
    Love the pics you took. I might be able to see “Minge Dom” in natural light this year. We are planning to go to Germany to celebrate our wedding with our families! But we have to wait till the taxes are done and we can see if we can REALLY afford it!
    Anyways…I am happy that you got the chance to see Koelle!
    Koelle Alaaf !!!

  9. Cologne looks beautiful! No wonder you love it. These photos remind me of Florence, Italy, with all of the high, dark buildings and amazing architecture.

  10. What an amazing looking city! The architecture is beautiful. I want to go to a Christmas Market so badly, they look like so much fun to walk around & check out all of the stalls. & the lock bridge! I accidentally stumbled upon the one in Paris, and I was so pumped! But I didn’t have a lock on me… haha.

  11. I had the privilege to visit Cologne when I studied abroad in Spain. It was hands down one of my most favorite places in Europe. It has a certain energy. The Kölner Dom is unbelievable. I was there at Christmas time too, and it was truly magical. Jealous!

  12. The love locks are so neat! And that hot chocolate looks amazing.

  13. Of course this would be the post that finally makes me come out of hiding and leave a comment again! ;) I love your pictures! Although now I miss Christmas time even more than I usually do in January and February… hehe. Köln really *is* pretty awesome – and beautiful! I’m so glad you got to come back while you were in Germany!

  14. love how the Bahnhof looks! Berlin’s is almost as beautiful!

  15. I love Cologne! I went to Germany in high school and that was my favorite thing we did!

  16. I live in Cologne!! It really is a wonderful city and if I ever have to move, I am going to miss it dearly. Where exactly do you live?
    And your blog is absolutely wonderful! Thank you for stopping by mine so I could find yours. :)

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