Oh, how Pinteresting!


Wednesday and it’s time to pin!

Share your favorite pins of the week with me!
Here are mine!


Source: leschosesdemarie.blogspot.com via San on Pinterest

Neat! Love the smell of coffee beans!


Source: onederstrucked.tumblr.com via San on Pinterest

So true!


Source: etsy.com via San on Pinterest

Love this drawing!


Source: nectarclothing.com via San on Pinterest



Source: Uploaded by user via San on Pinterest

How about some eye candy to finish up?


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Happy Wednesday and happy pinning!

  1. I love that wave quote one!! So true, so true!!

  2. I love all these pins, especially the first few. I want to do something like that with the coffee beans and candles.

  3. oh, i love those boots :-)

  4. LEO! <3 love of my life :) love that picture of him too!

  5. Awww young Leo…makes me think of the good old Romeo & Juliet days when I was sooo smitten with him! ;)
    Also love the “feelings are like waves” quote!

  6. Love the quote and want the boots ;)

  7. I swear that elephant drawing just made my day.

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