In which I make some of you jealous, for sure…

The Classis Mirror Shot 

Thursday night, after I got home from work, we grabbed our bags and headed for the bus to the airport. We were going back to SoCal!
Of course, our flight was delayed (are they ever on time these days?) and we were stranded at the airport for a couple of hours, but I am thankful for two things, a) Sacramento Airport has free Wi-Fi (thumbs up!) and b) I had decided to bring my laptop!

Our plane was supposed to leave at 8:45 p.m., but we didn’t get on the plane before 10:30 p.m. and subsequently into Burbank after midnight. And then, we had another 1-hour drive up to Ventura before us. We were in bed by 2 a.m. and gladly so.

We skipped breakfast Friday morning and went to the beach instead. It was a little bit overcast, but it was quite warm and the beach was beautiful.

at the beach 

at the beach 

 I even dared to try the water and held my big toe in the water… brrr. Cold!
Afterwards, we went to “Tony’s pizza”  for an early lunch.

Tony's Pizza 

I wanted to get my caffeine-fix next door, like I always do, but to my shocked surprise, the “Bad Ass Café” was gone! I cringed at the site of the empty building with a “for lease” sign in the window.
I might have shed a few tears, too. Man, I loved this place.

Other belated anniversary activities included a trip to (Old) Pasadena (we’ve always talked about checking out Pasadena and had always put it off), take-out dinner from Denny’s (don’t ask about it!), a yummy breakfast at Russel’s and lots of relaxing!

We caught a flight back to Sacramento on Saturday afternoon, because we had plans to hang out with our new friends S and T on Saturday evening. We met up at 7 p.m., had some yummy Mexican Food and walked around Downtown a bit (it was 2nd Saturday) but quickly decided to head to S and T’s place to play some card games (Apples to Apples). It was so much fun, OMG, and we laughed so hard. We hadn’t had a game night with people in ages! Note to self: You have to do this more often!

P.S. I want to mention and emphasize how very pleased I am that we could take a bus to and from the airport and that it leaves just a few blocks from the apartment. It’s so convenient (if you don’t have much luggage), it drops you off right in front of the terminal, and we only paid $8/round trip for two people. That won’t even cover one day of parking your car at the airport! Hey, and it’s good for the environment, too!

  1. Well that pizza looks absolutely freakin delicious! And the beach, I wanna go as well!

  2. That sounds wonderful!! And yes, I am envious! ;-)
    But I am already counting days and there are only 45 days left (including today) until I will be in the US and 55 until I am in SoCal.

    Sounds like you had a great long weekend with lots of fun.

  3. Is it wrong that I could cake a slice of that pizza now? Here 9:30 am?

    Sounds like you had a wonderful trip!

  4. That is a great price. When we travel to Boston Logan, we go the night before and stay at the Hampton Inn. For $129.00 we park our car there for the week or so that we are gone and spend the night in the city. Not too bad really, and it’s always fun to see Boston, maybe go to dinner at Durgin Park.
    Your trip sounds great and I love playing Apples to Apples!

  5. you did NOT mention how you ended up with that SUEEET mustang for a rental car. THAT’s what probably made me jealous most. well and the beach, sun, california, vacation, trip… wish we could have been there to get together… <3

  6. wow that sounds like tons of fun!!! man! pizza looks yummy! so jealous!! haha. I wanted to play that card game too, glad you liked it, so maybe it is time to buy it now :) glad you had such a wonderful weekend, wish we could have been there!

  7. @viviane.. the pizza was delicious!

    @steffi… i can imagine, you can’t wait!

    @marianne… i’ll send you a piece of the pizza ;)

    @maribeth…apples to apples is so much fun!

    @kim… i didn’t want to brag about the car ;) but i wish you could have been there.

    @ute… yeah, it would have been fun if you could have been there as well.

  8. haven’t you taken the exact same photo once before? where took one from above you? it looks like the same place. i think u wore a white tank top back then.
    it sounds like a great trip and that car is badass. and the badasscafe is a cool name. maybe i will name my salon like that hahaha

  9. One question? Was the bus Sac RT? If so…LOVE IT!! Public Transit all the way (plus not to mention the fact that it keeps me employed..hehe!)


    So cool that you just took off for about a day and glad you had fun with your friends. Did you used to live in Ventura?

  10. Your post is heart warming. You are lovely.

    Thank you.

  11. Yay, SoCal :) nice pictures. I’m glad you had a good trip!

  12. Sounds wonderful, honey! Glad you are enjoying your summer so much! And wow, airport bus, I am jealous! ;-)

  13. yeah for going away! Glad, Jon came!

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