SPF: Your Spatula

YES! It’s back… Kristine is bringing Stuff Portrait Friday back!

Our task for this week: Your Spatula…that flat thing you use to flip grilled cheese sammiches.

SPF: Spatula Family

Please meet the Fockers Spatulas :)

Papa Spatula, Mama Spatula and Baby Spatula. They all have their special purpose in my kitchen! I do believe that spatulas are one of the most important kitchen utensils. You can’t do anything without spatulas… so I hope the family will be growing :)

Did you play?

  1. I played! First timer.

    I’d comment on Kristine’s post, but apparently her blog thinks I am sorta spammy and I think my comments have wound up in spam jail.

  2. oh, and nice family portrait there!

  3. Love the shape of the mama and the baby. What do you use the wooden one with?

  4. Baby spatula must be adopted! ;)

  5. Yep, it’s official…I am THEE only one that has just one spatula. I am going to go buy a new one soon! Your family of them, VERY cute!! hee hee.

  6. lmao at the mama papa and baby… hehe, happy spf!

  7. LOL at baby being adopted :-) Do you nam all your utensils? lol So happy SPF is back :-)!!!! Yours are always awesome!

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