Let the countdown begin…

it’s only 20 more days until Christmas Eve! How insane! Can you believe it? I have to say, the year went by really quickly… although, if I think about how many people I haven’t seen in such a long (!) time, it doesn’t seem so quick anymore. Weird time feeling.

As you may have noticed, I also started another countdown in my sidebar! Yay! I’ll be in Germany in less than two (!) weeks! In 13 days, to be exact.
I was finally! able to book my flight, because I had postponed it a couple of times while we were figuring some things out.
We had initially planned to stay over New Year’s, but we had to change our plans a little bit and now I’ll be in Germany from the 18th to the 29th of December!

Yes, I said “I’ll be in Germany…“, because unfortunately J won’t be going with me. His brother is visiting from China right now and he’ll be staying for Christmas. When J found out, he decided that he wanted to spend Christmas with his family, because he hadn’t seen his brother since our wedding last year [remember?] and it doesn’t look like they’ll be able to spend time together again any time soon. So, I do understand his reasons, although I wish we could go to Germany together and go to the Christmas market! to get drunk on mulled wine :)

I talked to my supervisor and I asked him if I could leave a little earlier than I had planned, so that I can be back home to celebrate New Year’s with J and still get some decent time in Germany with my family :) I have a great boss, because he said it wasn’t a problem at all!

Obviously, I am bummed that I won’t spend Christmas with J, but at the same time I am thrilled to be with my family for Christmas and I know that he’s really looking forward to spending time with his brother! So it’s all good… and we’ll have New Year’s together which will be great and which will also mark our 2nd [civil] wedding anniversary!

P.S. For everyone who is still interested in joining the Christmas Card Exchange and who hasn’t sent me their addresses yet. Do it now! I know you want to :)

  1. Good that you will be with your family at Christmas. You’ll be back to spend New Years with J and start another New Year, together!!!

  2. yeah to germany! Too bad that J can’t go with you, but I can understand him and you.

  3. woah woah woah hold on…. your THIRD civil wedding ceremony? has it really been that long? so ive been reading your blog for 4 years? what???

  4. steffi… oops, you’re right, it is our SECOND :) i counted our actual wedding day as well *g* thanks for pointing this out :)

  5. Wow, good that you’ll be going earlier, gives you plenty of time at the Christmas markets before they close! Pity Jon can’t come with you though.
    Awww anyway, you’ll have a great time! We’ll be flying on Friday the 21 st and I can’t wait either!

  6. wow, 2 years anniversary. time really freaking flies. i am glad that your plans for xmas finally worked out. well, worked out for you to be able to spend xmas with your family.i know that it’s really important to you. shame, that j is not able to join you.but i guess his reasons are understandable.

  7. what can i say? i’m THRILLED you can come for christmas. but you know that. *smooches*

    PS: i don’t have to actually reply to the christmas card exchange thing, right? :D

  8. PPS: do you want your card to sac or your parent’s house?

  9. yeah!!! so excited for you and how about me? can i get my hopes up???? :) love ya, sorry that he wont be able to join you. but at least one of you will be able to get drunk on mullet wine. hehe

  10. alrighty, i thought i was crazy there for a second =)

  11. Oh yay, that’s exciting for both of you!! Your boss soudns pretty relaxed, that’s cool! :)

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