Today, one year ago…

Exactly one year ago, I went to the US Embassy in Germany for my Green Card interview. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year.

I recall that I was nervous as hell and was so thankful that my Dad took the day off to accompany me to Frankfurt. We left early in the morning, leaving plenty of time to get there. We had coffee in the car in front of the embassy before we got in line with a whole bunch of other people who were applying for all different kind of visas.
I had prepared a whole binder of “proof” of J’s and my relationship. I expected questions, personal questions about our likes and dislikes, the color of his underwear, his morning routine and his worst habit. Maybe they didn’t ask because J wasn’t present at this interview [and therefore couldn’t varify my answers] or maybe they didn’t ask because they were not interested at all.

Sometimes I wonder how much information actually transpires between the different departments of the DHS [Department of Homeland Security]. After being interrogated at the airport only a little less than a year prior to this interview, I expected them to know everything [and nothing] about J’s and my background story. I somehow expected to be asked a whole lot of questions, but I also somewhat wasn’t surprised that they did not ask me anything at all.

So much for the randomness of procedure.

  1. wow, a whole year? i can’t believe it. but when we get back it’s gonna be a year since C moved to germany and that sounds surreal, too. see you soon, sweety!

    PS. shopping-list-mission accomplished. i hope the “spread” [youknowwhatimean] will make it through customs. can they kick me out of the country for trying to import that?

  2. Wow, I still remember that picture you had taken for that day! It must have been such a relieve! What’s even more amazing is what actually happened during that last year, all the moves and changes, crazy!

  3. Same here – Wow. I can remember your post about your trip to the US Embassy. Time runs fast.
    I was also surprised that the officer didn’t ask me about our relationship, especially because we married just two weeks after my arrival. But nothing.

  4. Wow, one year? Time flies…
    I´m still glad that everything went so smooth!

    You suggested a few postings earlier that we might ask you questions : I´d like to ask you for a photo that shows YOU as a photographer (with your camera that is)!

  5. You know, it’s about that time I started reading your blog! So happy blogreadingaversary to us! LOL
    Glad you are here, with J and that in the end, it all turned out well.

  6. It’s only been a year?? It seems like it has been much longer since you finally moved to CA.

  7. you’d be surprised about what my consul guy asked me and about what he write down…

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