A cold at 80ºF

… explains my absence from the blogging world in the last couple of days. I’ve missed some days on Flickr, too, so you can tell I really didn’t feel like spending any time on the WWW, writing my blog or taking pictures [ = I really felt exhausted].
Susi thought that I had been shopping and caught the cold from the overly-air-conditioned stores. Logical thinking, but nope, I didn’t even go shopping [which would have at least made me feel better about being sick ;)].

Thank God, I am feeling much better today and hence the update.

I don’t want to bore you with my daily update from last week. I slept a lot or vegetated on the couch watching stupid stuff on TV. It did me good though ;)
On Thursday, after doing the laundry, I went to the studio with the guys, because we had planned to get some recording done. The camcorder was set up and they were warming up, when I noticed that J’s voice somehow sounded different that day. Now it’ll get technical: What Generation is not about the sound equipment, but about the voice and the instrument – therefore, they don’t own a bunch of technical equipment. J doesn’t sing through a PA system, but also through a reverb [guitar] amplifier for a cleaner sound. They own two different amplifiers and I realized last week that even two different amplifiers create a different sound and we started talking about the pros and cons of each amplifier.

Then it was dinner time and since we were really hungry, Aaron suggested to try out a Japanese BBQ place, “Gyu-Kaku“. It was a really cool restaurant with a nice ambiance. If have to mention that West Los Angeles has THE best selection of restaurants I have ever seen. You’ll find any kind of food and national specialties here.
The Japanese BBQ place is apparently also very popular with actors and actresses and some of them go there frequently. Unfortunately, we didn’t see anyone famous Thursday night ;) maybe next time.
The catch about the restaurant is that each table has its own imported Japanese BBQ brazier where you get to cook your own marinated meats, chicken, fish and vegetables.
Also, you’re totally encouraged to ‘stay a while’ and the waiters won’t get pushy if you stay longer than 1 hour ;) I guess this is just “normal” for most restaurants that are a little more upscale – as you can imagine, this is not a place to eat at every day.

On Friday, J and I went to the movies and saw “Spiderman 3”. I am not a fan of these kind of movies, but J really wanted to go and had ordered tickets a couple of days in advance, because the premiere was on Friday. Since we went to the matinee at 4 pm, the line was not too long. We got there around 3:15 p.m. to get good seats, because reserving seats is not common practice at movie theaters in the US. However, it was not problem to get the best seats – in the middle and in the back – because most Americans go for the seats in the front rows. This is a phenomenon and I haven’t figured out why that is. In Germany, everybody would go for the seats in the back … anyways, I enjoyed the movie – I like Kirsten Dunst – and we had a good time.

The weekend was kind of mellow… like I said, I slept a lot, made some phone calls and relaxed :)

  1. I hope you feel better soon! Having a cold sucks, especially when it’s HOT! I might try to call you in a little bit. :o)

  2. thanks for your update !!! :-D

    I have NO idea WHY the heck the people wants to sit in the front in a movie theater. Just think: Why would you go to see a movie on a big screen, sitting in the front, elevating your head all the time? I would have a stiff neck after 1,5 hours sitting like that!

  3. Hey San, just wanna say Hi and hope you are feeling better now. Have a great week and take some pics from LA for me :o)

  4. Ha, Matt wanted to go see Spiderman on Friday too, but I refused. I hate action hero movies……… :)

  5. They want to sit in the front?! The Japanese BBQ sound good, do you made some pics?

    Wish you a great week and hope you feel better soon.

    *hugs* Tina

  6. Hey girl, feel better!!!

  7. ahhhh, I must have some German in me, because I HAVE to sit in the back LOL! Wild horses couldn’t make me sit in the front…yuck!

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better :-)

  8. hey sweetiepie,
    hope you are feeling a lot better. and whenever you are really feeling pooped everyone wants to vegetate on the couch, right? so i caught a bronchitis yesterday, from wherever. hope to catch you soon. love ya

  9. Good to hear you’re feeling better now! Must be something going around, I caught a cold, too and my ears are killing me since I had to fly today. Have a nice week, sweets!

  10. oh hope you are feeling better by now! i wanted to see spiderman so badly! cant wait hopefully this weekend. get some rest love, see you soon!!!!

  11. Oh good that you’re feeling better now! You must have been really out of it if you didn’t even take 365days photos.
    That Japanese BBQ place sounds awesome. Yum!
    I want to see What Generation so badly! :-) You’re building up the tension and excitement before releasing that video big time, girl! Great marketing tactic! ;-)

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