Doctor’s appointment

I went to see my dentist today. One last visit before I will expose myself to the US health care adventure. I’ve had private insurance in Germany up until today. I was covered under my parents’ health care plan up to the age of 27, since then, because I technically was still a student, I was still covered by the same health insurance company.

Usually you can’t have private insurance in Germany unless you earn a certain income or work for the public services [teachers, like my parents, count as public servants as well] and there was no chance for me to get covered by the public health care system. It wouldn’t have covered me, because I didn’t have a job in Germany at the time. Since I had been with the private health care company for all my life and was still finishing my education, they made an exception. So, this has been quite convenient and I went to all my anual check-ups while I was here.

I am not giving up my insurance quite yet, but I know that I’ll have to get insurance in the US once I’ll be settled in. I am not really looking forward to finding new primary care physicians. Luckily, I don’t have a medical history or any medical conditions that have to be monitored. I had iron deficiency anemia 4 years ago, but I’ve had an anual blood check and my results have been ok, so I am not worried about that. There is no reason for any health insurance company to turn me down. I am glad that Jon’s Dad will be happy to help me figure that out. Any advice is, of course, highly appreciated.

  1. Hey Suesse!
    Ich hoffe du machst dir nicht zu viel Stress die letzten Tage! Ich freu mich schon so drauf mit dir quatschen zu koennen! Aber zuerst geniesst du mal, zumindest fuer eine Woche, dein Eheleben :-))).Bald ist es soweit Suesse! Ich bin in Gedanken bei dir; lass dich nicht stressen, und wenn du was vergessen haben solltest, kann man es immer noch nach schicken.

    Tip: Falls du mal geroengt worden bist, nimm die Bilder mit (z.B. Zaehne!) – Die wiegen auch fast nichts! Erspart dir einiges.

    Ihdggggdl und freu mich auf Ende des Monats,

  2. Darling, first of all until you have a job, you should just get on your husband’s plan. He has to switch from individual to family. He could do that right now….at least initiate it so you are covered. All it takes is one twisted ankle or such and you get a bill straight from hell. So I would make sure he gets on that and checks what it takes for you to get enrolled.
    And seriously, the less information you give your insurance about old conditions, the better…that’s my philosophy and I am sticking to it. Unless they specifically ASK, I don’t tell.

  3. Oh, and you might opt to stay on your husband’s plan even when you get your own health insurance with a job, if his plan is better. I have done that before.

  4. Health care systems in other countries are a really annoying topic. Good for you that you did all your checkups while still being in Germany! I’m following the debate about the German health reform a bit and can only say: Germany has a GREAT health care system! Even though things get worse, Germany is still having a great system. Here you pay 30 Euros for each visit, you pay all your dental bills totally by yourself (which can be thousands of Euros), you don’t get appointments (you have to wait for more than half a year), you don’t get through to a doctors office by phone and should you show up there personally they treat you like shit, you pay 100% of your medicines yourself until you reach a very high amount and all that while paying the highest taxes in the world (in Sweden the health care system is tax financed and not as much insurrance based). Sorry hun, I just get into such a rant because I have some health problems with my sinuses that got treated in Germany and I was fine and here they just don’t give a damn. Causes me quite some pain very often. Can’t give you much advice about the US. But I think it’s wise to keep your German insurrance for a while longer. Great that they could make an exception, BARMER didn’t. I know my problems seem nothing against the problems in the US where millions of people don’t have insurrance at all, but still it’s a shame what’s happening here.

  5. Luckily we have a “unusally good” coverage over 100% of all medical costs we have. I know it’s not common here…even in Germany it isn’t that case anymore, but I would recommend Blue Cross / Blue Shield or United Healthcare – forget Kaisers. The both health care companies I mentioned have really good programs and are really great in their customer service. We change these two’s every year…one year BCBS, the other year United Healthcare and I can’t complain at all. They do an amazing job and have really good “network”-physicians. When I needed a psychologist during my postpartum depression they even offered me, if I would find a therapist who would be German, but not “in-network” they still would pay it for me.

  6. Ah lucky you with that private health insurance! Nice of them to let you stay with them.
    Can you get on Jon’s plan immediately? Otherwise I would probably get an Auslandskrankenversicherung for a few months until you have figured everything out over there. Just in case…
    But I’m wishing you all the health in the world and hope you’re enjoying your days while you’re still here!

  7. I agree with Blue Cross Blue Shield. They are very good and everywhere in the US.

    Dental is different than in Germany…God, I don t even remember how that works in Germany, but with my last insurance (Delta Dental) cleaning were free and such (like 2x per year as well as check ups). I had to pay my $50 deductible once.,..but then I basically had an “allowance” of $1800 or so for the year…so everything that went over that, I had to pay out of pocket. Something like that anyway. I only know because I chipped a tooth and had to get it repaired and someone explained that to me. UGH.

    And like I told ya, medical care here is wonderful. With a decent insurance you have your co pay….I paid $15 on Tuesday and the rest is taken care off by my insurance. :)

  8. Ick. I don’t envy your position. I totally agree though, you should try to get on your hubby’s plan…

  9. @ all: thanks for your input. You’re the best!

  10. Cool, I would probably do the same thing. I have always been on public health insurance but recently someone told me public insurance covers two cleanings a year and I had no idea! I shall ask about that at my next appointment (during X-mas break).

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