People exhaust me… part II

Seriously. I have been in Germany for almost 10 months now. 10 MONTHS! Now there are 9 days left until I get on the plane to move back to the US and in with my hubby and all of a sudden you want to see me one last time again.

Ok, great. I do admit that I feel flattered and I sure do want to see some people one last time before I leave, but I haven’t seen you all year [maybe once when we bumped into each other accidentally on the street] and all of a sudden you think you have the right to demand my time in the last 9 days that I am in Germany. What’s wrong with you?
You didn’t manage to keep in touch with me over the last few months, why now?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I don’t want to see you and even though we don’t keep in touch much, I am always happy to see you. I do appreciate your desire to see me again before I will be gone for probably quite some time and if I had another month or two, I would love to get together and fill you in on all that is happening in my life right now, but in the next 9 days? No.

I am sorry, but I hope you understand.

  1. I understand you.. But still sorry you aren’t coming to Berlin next week ;o)

  2. that’s just human nature…we all take for granted that we’ll see people…and once we realize we might not…well we have to see them that one last time.

  3. I really like your blog! I’m reading some of the NaPlaBaMo (whatever) blogs and stumbled on yours. Like the illustrated recipes, too!

  4. HA! Have been there SO many times. Every move it seems prior all I do is go to lunch with people.

    Good for you to put your foot down and do what YOU want and need to do :)

  5. I totally understand that! I would have better things to do in my last nine days in the country than meeting up with people who didn’t bother keeping in touch with you over the past year.

  6. You go girl! Totally understandable! *smoochie*

  7. I totally understand you too. I remember when the time for me came. I think I had a big… well… actually small party with a few of my closest friends. But of course I wasn’t able to see everyone… there was just no time at all.

  8. hey, this has nothing to do with your post, but what’s up with the counter? weren’t you gonna go like reaaaaally soon?
    i hope all is well with you and the last couple of days aren’t too stressful. all the best!

  9. That would annoy the crap out of me too…Its understandable that people wanna see you, but come on, they cant expect you to cramp it in your last few days..and i thinks its rude to even ask you, especially if you dont talk to these people on a regular basis.
    Your last days should be spent with the people YOU want to spend time with. End of story ;-)

  10. Oh the nerve of it. Good for you for putting your foot down.

    When I used to work at X company, I never went to lunch with certain people, not I didn’t like them or they didn’t like me, but we just never did and we never really talked much. And when I stopped working there, they want to “do lunch” with me. WTH. I have 2 small kids to care for and I have nap times to adhere to. I cannot “do lunch”. Sorry for the rant :-)

    Good luck with the move!!! Hope you’ve pack some cozy blankets and neck pillow for the plane ride.

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