SPF… getting labeled


TGIF! It’s Friday again and time to play SPF hosted by lovely Kristine. Let’s put on some labels today.

1. Your Label — If you made clothes, what would your label be? What kind of clothes would you make?
To make it easy for people who don’t want to think it out, you can just find one of your favorite names from a label you already know.


If I had a clothing label, it would be called “just me.”. The label would have every style of clothes, ranging from comfortable to trendy and fashionable – just something for every situation in one’s life.

2. YOUR personal Label — We all hate to be labeled, but sadly we are. What is YOUR label? Can you capture it in a picture? Are you just going to write it on a scrap of paper and take a picture of it? Do you have a picture that shows us what it is?


I haven’t seen this movie yet and I have no idea if the title fits the story content, but it came up when I googled the label that has stuck to me ever since I can remember. I have always been the “good girl”. As I mentioned in an earlier SPF, I used to be a very shy and timid child and I have definitely always played by the rules. My teenage years weren’t really rebellious and I pretty much always did what people expected from me. It’s not like I desperately tried to please people, it was just my nature. I never felt the urge much to “break out” or revolt against my parents or society. I definitely have grown up and out of certain restraints in the last couple of years, but I still think that many people believe I am still the “good girl”.

3. Your FAVORITE Label — I like Target clothes cause they are comfortable and they don’t usually have tags in them. Some people love Coach bags (I’m not saying any names, but the brat is in the picture below this post) and some people just like the look of certain label. Show us yours.


There are quite a few labels/brands that I like. Lately, I’ve come to love all the “Roxy” stuff… from their jeans, casual and beach outfits, to their trendy shoes and styles. It says it’s a “surf brand” and I have never been into surfing, but I do like their clothes and also their style of accessories and bags. I also like the fact that you can get great deals on their stuff at Nordstrom’s Rack :)
So, did you play today?

  1. nice SPF, san. i love what you did with no. 2 :) so you the “good girl” hm? ;) oh and i absolutely LOVE roxy! my problem is just that surfers don’t seem to wear my size = no clothes for me. but the accessories, shoes, bags and all work just fine *grin*

    happy SPF and i’m too busy/lazy to play today. *smooch*

  2. Great spin on SPF! I enjoyed them all!

    Have a great weekend, I played too.

  3. I love your movie poster. Excellent job on that!

    Happy SPF and I played too.

  4. I love the good girl label. I had that same one all through life. As a 37-year-old soccer mom, I’m probably my most rebellious now than ever before in my life. People would likely be shocked at just how much I’ve broken out of that since I still seem very much like the good girl!!

    Great SPF.

    I played, too.

  5. Oh, so you’re a surfing good girl. Last time I looked, surfer’s were NOT good girls! ;)

    I’ve also been a good girl all my life. Never really did anything bad. Sometimes, I kinda wish I had.

    It sounds like many of us have the same idea for our clothing label. Something comfy but trendy.

  6. Haha we had the same idea for #2!!
    I love Rocky stuff as well, especially the jeans!

    And i would definitely buy something from your line ;-)

    I played!

  7. Great pictures! I like the movie poster.

    I played!

  8. great spf!

    I played :)

  9. wow amazing. love it. how did you think of that? so cool. “the good girl” movie is alright, a little strange, but i love jennifer aniston so there you go. :-) have a great weekend cutie!

  10. I was a cop’s kid and an only child…I can totally relate to being the good girl! I also love your label…I’d buy “just me” clothing…if it came in my size :)

    I played too!

  11. I didn’t play, cause I couldn’t come up with ideas for photos LOL!

    Love yours, tho, especially your poster! Great job :-)

  12. Very nice SPF, San! Beautifully done!

    I played.

  13. Great, creative SPF again! Love your idea with the movie poster! Have a nice weekend!

  14. Great SPF! And for the record…there is nothing wrong with being the “good girl”…I have always been called the “good guy” or “nice guy” or “funny guy”…they are all true, but they don’t really define me…I think we can only be defined by our actions and if people define me as “good”, “nice” or “funny”, then I take it as a compliment. It has to better than the opposite!

    I played as well, so feel free to come by!

    Have a great weekend!

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