My busy weekend

I went to Oberhausen-Centro on Friday to do some more shopping for the wedding. I was hoping that they had some more shoe shops to look for wedding shoes and maybe also some different fashion stores with more variety of dresses. I also met with a few girls for [Starbucks] coffee which was really nice :) We had a fun afternoon together and we took some funny pictures – the actual act of taking pictures was actually the funny part ;) Have you ever thought about why it is so difficult to ask someone to take a picture? It always takes a really long time to pick out a potential photographer – and you come up with the weirdest excuses why this or that person is definitely not the right person to ask :)


We had a fun time though and it was kind of sad that I had to leave at 3:30 p.m. already to get home in time to meet up with my sister.

She and I spent the night at her school. She had organized a “reading night” for her second-graders and I had agreed to accompany her. The whole event started at 7 p.m. and half an hour later all parents were gone and we were alone with 24 kids :) We started off with some little games in the classroom and later on we went outside for a “Nachtwanderung“. The kids had all brought their flashlights and were totally excited about walking around in the dark!

Afterward we started preparing the whole classroom for the night – the kids changed and brushed their teeth and then we put all the [air] mattresses on the floor. The whole classroom floor was covered up :)
I read two chapters of a children’ book “Die kleine Hexe” [The little witch] by Ottfried Preußler – my childhood favorite!  – and then they all got ready for bed and took out their own books and flashlights to read by themselves. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised how disciplined the kids were. We had no trouble keeping things in order at all! I have to admit that my sister’s class is like a textbook-class and I know that my sister is allowed to take credit for that. She’s a very strict teacher, but that really shows in her students’ behavior!

The night was pretty short and not very comfortable, but it was ok :) We got up at 7:30 a.m. and had all the students get dressed and cleaned up the place by 8:30 a.m. when two Moms came to prepare a breakfast for everybody. There were fresh rolls and cheese, salami, mortadella, Nutella and jam.
Then all the children were picked up at 9:30 a.m. and Nina and I got home at around 11 a.m.

I stayed up for a while, then went over to see my aunt who broke a thoracic vertebra [she’s such an unlucky person, she had just started her internship at an assisted living place and was injured at work].
And at 5 p.m. I was dead-tired and couldn’t stay up anymore, so I decided to take a 2 hour-nap :)

I watched “Wetten, dass…???” later that night and thought that it was the worst show in a long time! The only highlight was Tom Cruise, who was there for about 15 minutes ;)

Today I got up early, had breakfast with my parents and then we went to Roermond to the Outlet Stores. I love Holland for having their shops open on Sundays and it’s only a 30 minute-drive from here! Unfortunately the whole trip was pretty disillusioning again. I didn’t see any nice dresses at all, but one skirt, let alone any nice, white shoes :( I decided to order the ones that I saw at the”Quelle” online store and just wait and see what they look like.

For dinner we went out to a Spanish restaurant in my town. It’s my Mom’s friend’s birthday tomorrow and she wanted to go out for an “early” birthday dinner, since she will be busy all week. It was a really nice evening and I had lots of yummy food:  shrimps, veggies, steak,… :)