Happy Nikolaus!

today is Nikolaus and if you don’t know what that is click here. Unfortunately this website doesn’t explain the tradition of children putting their shoes outside of the door and in the night from the 5th to the 6th of December Nikolaus will put goodies in your shoes. It’s always a nice surprise in the morning… (and my Mom still keeps up the tradition almost every year :)).

The last weekend at Ilka’s was awesome. We did a lot of girls’ stuff like hanging around on the couch in our pj’s, watching dvd’s, drinking coffee and chatting. Ilka did our hair on Saturday afternoon [thanks again, hun!] and we went to see “In her shoes” on Saturday night. We just had a great time together :)
I got back home in the evening on Sunday, made myself something to eat (my parents were out ;)) and then watched “Menschen 2005” with Johannes B. Kerner. It was an interesting show.

Yesterday I had an appointment at a beauty parlor [damn… that sounds so weird of a translation for “Kosmetikerin” LOL]. I thought I would treat myself since I really needed someone to take care of my so-called stress pimples ;) The treatment was really nice. It lasted for an hour and my skin felt so wonderfully fresh and clean afterwards :) I should go there more often!
Afterwards I went to pick up my great-aunt to take her to the dentist. She’s having a hard time breathing lately [I think it’s some kind of asthma] and every step is a real challenge for her. I was happy to be able to help her out. When I took her back home, we saw my sister’s car in front of my granddad’s house (he lives right down the street from my great-aunt), so we stopped there and spent some time together.

Have a good Nikolaus-day everybody :)

  1. happy nikolaus, maus :-Di enjoyed the time with you as well and i can’t wait for the next meeting. HDGDL {v} :-)

  2. auch von mir, happy nikolaus! :-) nice your mom’s keeps up this tradition. my mom does too, but since i am not living at home anymore… i am un-lucky *sniff* ;-) have a fantastic week. :-)

  3. did you take pictures?? happy nikolausi to you too. hab leider nichts bekommen.. war wohl böse?!?

  4. hey, the new look is great. so festive :-) i {v} it! did you go premium?

  5. yes, i did :) thought it would be nice… LOL… ahm… but i am still working on the layout… i am not satisfied with it yet.

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