If you have a heart for animals…

this story may break it. Jon went for a walk the other night and when he got home, he told me he had encountered a tiny little mouse sitting on the sidewalk. It didn’t run away or anything, so he was wondering if it was hurt. I got dressed immediately (I was on my way to bed) and we went over where he had seen it. The mouse was still sitting there and, when we got closer, froze. I knew that mice do that in certain situations of danger – so I grabbed a little branch and tried to poke it. It was still alive!
When we tried to make it move a little, we saw that one of his limbs was barely visible since the whole side was swollen. I felt so terrible. I knew we couldn’t take it home and take care of it, but I had an awful feeling leaving it behind. The least we could do was getting it out of the way, so nobody would accidentally step on it (although I didn’t really expect any other American but Jon to go for a walk around the neighborhood at night :)).

Of course, I had to check yesterday on my way home, if the mouse had died and I was happy when I realized it wasn’t where we had left it. So hopefully it made it back home into its little mousehole and will fully recover :) (I am a hopeless case, am I not? :))

Last night I had planned for a nice quiet evening at home – Jon was supposed to be out, but then he stayed home and we had a nice evening together. I did some stationery stuff *hehe*, uploaded some pictures (I think about 200 random pictures that I had on my desktop – wow, I seriously need to get some print outs ordered soon!) and we watched the NBA Playoffs. My bet is that San Antonio and Dallas will make it to the Final of the Western Conference. Since the Kings are out, I am cheering for the Dallas Mavericks because of Dirk Nowitzki  – at least a German in the Playoffs Finals would be nice, don’t you think?

OMG! And then… you won’t believe what was played on the radio this morning – “The right stuff” by NKOTB :) I couldn’t believe my ears! This song is so “old” and – believe it or not- I still knew the lyrics by heart. It was soooo cool! *lol*

That reminded me – after having a look in Cathy’s diary this morning- that I wanted to post pictures of my top 3 favorite men. So here we go:


#1 my sweetheart Jonathan Bond :)


#2 Joe McIntyre (ex-NKOTB)


#3 Jason Wade (Lifehouse)

Ok girls, I am almost off for the weekend – after having a nice long talk with Kim on the phone (thanks for your call, sweets!), it’ s almost time to go home :) I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. Looks like we’re not doing anything exciting, but since the weather has been improving, we might have a BBQ tomorrow :) oh yeah, and we might go to a dell store and check out the notebooks :) have I mentioned lately that I really really really want one?? :)

Love you all.

  1. You don´t just WANT it but you HAVE TO! Because I want you to have a notebook soooooooooon :-D
    It´s nice to be surprised with a “old” song of your fave bad, isn´t it? Everytime they play “Never let me down again” on the radio I am in a great mood, singing along :-)
    Poor mouse! I hope you could save her live by taking her off the sidewalk {v}

  2. crossing my fingers for your notebook, girl. i know how badly you want one and after working so hard and putting up with all the tax-crap you should use the refund wisely = on a notebook ;-) i always love talking to you as well – and you let me rant about everything i may not be able to rant about even to my best friends here (you know what i mean).have a great, relaxing weekend with the #1 of your most favorite men :-D –

  3. hey gorgeous,
    it could have been me with the tiny lil mouse. poor thing. hopefully she died soon or recovered somewhere.
    it put a smile on my face when you told about the right sutff. the local radio station playes this one’s for the children every year for xmas. it always makes a warm feeling around the heart.hehe… and it makes me happy that joe is sitll in your top 3. hehe….
    well hopefully you will have a great weekend and at least with a lot of better than here.
    love ya tonz,ilka

  4. lmao at The right stuff – how funny!!! :-0 They never get played here so I can imagine how you felt :-) and ofcourse you remembered the lyrix… those sorts of things are imbeded into your memory :-)
    hmmm I have to say that Jason is a bit of a hottie!!!! and from the sounds of your diary – he can sign too lol but does he compare to joe?? lol I notice he is third so maybe not quite lol
    welll…. have you got one yet?? A notebook?? I def agree with above =- you deserve it after the shit you went through with the tax!!! Now you can sit in bed like Sanni does lmao and go online lmao!!!! or watch tv ;-)
    Love ya

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