Kings in trouble

ok guys, I really need every little thumb you can spare to squeeze and every free finger to cross tonight. The Kings are 1:3 behind in the Playoffs and if they lose tonight, the Playoffs are over. I really do believe they can do it – they won the game last Friday and they were on top for pretty much the whole game on Sunday, before they broke in during the last quarter. That can’t happen again!They are a great team and they’re playing amazing Basketball and they’ll have to prove it on more time tonight.

Alright, thanks for reading my own little homage to the Kings :) your fingers are all I need tonight!

I woke up with a very stiff back this morning. It’s like having a stiff neck, just lower. I have a hard time turning my head and I don’t even know why I went to work (probably because I feel really bad if I don’t go, unless I am seriously unable to go). I am trying not to move around too much and I hope my heat pad will help tonight.

I hope everyone is doing ok today!

P.S. I sent of your scrapbook-care-package today, Sanni :) I hope you’ll get it soon!

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  1. oh hon, i just checked (see, what you did? i’m checking NBA-scores online :-D ) and saw they lost. looks like fairly close though. i’m sorry, but there will be another season ;-)

  2. PS: hope your neck’s better today. otherwise go home and let jon pamper you a bit. {v}

  3. mouse,
    it looks like we are both are pretty hurt. aua…my back is a lot better. but i had nearly the whole of my upper back bones in the wrong direction and had some good headaches after he put them back again. so i really hope you are feeling better now. and i think the a- type perfectly describes you. i totally agree on my b+ type, too. love ya

  4. @ kim: thanks sweetie for actually checking the scores… it was a pretty close game last night… too bad they lost. they really played much better and deserved to win the next season won’t start before october… boohoo… what am i to do?
    @ ilka: hi hon. my back still hurts pretty badly… i don’t know what i did but i had a terrible night. i think i try a hot bath tonight. hope that helps. yeah, i think the A- personality type is pretty much ME

  5. Hey San – Did you turn the music off?? I am so excited – suddenly I can get in…. but I cant work out if its something I did or something you did lol
    Anyway in answer to your question about what you should do now the basketball season has stopped – find another sport…. that will still be on in Sept so we can go see it lol
    I hope your backs better
    {v} ya and miss ya like crazy :-)

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